Hard to find and always desirable is this fully articulated 4” ( 11cm ) Steiff miniature teddy, pre-WWI era, with tiny black bead eyes, mohair snout and brown stitched nose and mouth, covered in beige mohair, jointed at neck, shoulders, and hips, with hunched back, long arms and legs with no paw pads, still with a metal button in the left ear. As expected, the mohair is somewhat sparse here and there as he is about 100 years old, but in decent shape considering making him all- the- more lovable and charming. The perfect toy for s small doll to hold in her arms!!……………………………………..SOLD.


 Very early ( pre-WWI ) Steiff velvet covered rabbit in crouched fully extended position measuring 4” (10cm ) long from nose tip in front to end of tail in back, with separately attached long pointed ears and stubby tail with inserted dark black bead eyes. Around his neck he wears a silk ribbon collar with one brass bell dangling in front. These stuffed toys often had such accessories; the bell appears to be original, but due to the fragility of old silk the ribbon itself is surely a replacement. All these early velvet exterior animals are highly coveted and harder and harder to find with each passing day This one’s overall condition is very good with some minor anticipated wear and, any metal button it might have originally had, is no longer present. A sweet little rabbit from earliest period………SOLD.


 Sweet 15” ( 38cm ) stuffed white mohair teddy, exact maker unknown with joints at shoulders and hips, amber glass eyes with black pupils with wide-eyed look, light brown vertically stitched nose and mouth, and canvas covered paw pads ( a bit lacking in center of left front one with a little cotton stuffing showing ). One might assume he is circa 1950 but could be as early as 1940 or as late as mid-50s. Regardless has lovable appeal, a highly desirable color, and in overall the mohair is in very good and firm condition other with no major flaws other than that already noted. His inquisitive and searching look says, “ I am ready for adoption !’…………………..SOLD.


 Although not retaining any button or chest tag identifiers this lovable bear is undoubtedly a Steiff “ Original Teddy “, circa 1950, in remarkably overall bright and clean condition with bright gold mohair covering, much harder to find than the traditional beige model. This glass eyed boy has black stitched nose, mouth and claw delineators, is jointed at shoulder, neck, and hips with original felt paw pads in overall good condition. These 9 ½” (24cm) sized bears are most desirable and make great companions to dolls in the 18-24” size range!………………………..SOLD.


 3 ½” ( 9cm ) jointed miniature beige mohair teddy has small bead eyes, thick dark brown stitched nose and mouth, swivel neck and articulation at shoulders and hips. As is often typical of Steiff bears in the tiniest of sizes he has no separate paw pads but still retains the Steiff metal button in left ear. Overall mohair coverage remains excellent to this date and his vintage is approximately 1950 give or take about five years. A chubby little sweetie and a great accessory for any doll to hold!……………SOLD.


Most charming 16” ( 41cm ) rarer cinnamon mohair Teddy with large glass eyes, swivel joints at neck , elbows, and hips, black stitched nose and mouth, and velvet covered paws ( some wear and hole on right front ). Although exact maker in unknown, the velvet paw pads are more characteristic of English bears. One might assume he is from the early 1930s. He has some overall uneven fading and mohair wear with the most pronounced loss on lower center of back and in back at the neckline of the torso. The muzzle also has some hair loss and one might assume the original hair in that area may have been a shade paler than on the rest of the body. Adorable nonetheless and priced accordingly!………………………SOLD.


 Very cute 9”( 23cm ) white mohair bear with grayish glass eyes, somewhat crude in construction in that it has a one piece head and torso with straight arms and legs jointed at shoulders and hips but no individual separate paw pads. Nose and mouth are reddish brown stitches with big round ears sewn firmly in place. Mohair covering shows some typical age wear but he is different, in a great smaller size, and a perfect item for a doll to hold in his/her arms………………………………………SOLD. 


 Although not as old as we normally sell this 13” ( 34cm ) this more modern but not brand new Steiff “ Original Teddy “ is lovable nevertheless and in excellent condition with thick heavy beige mohair covering with shorter velvety mohair muzzle, brown glass eyes, brown stitched nose and mouth, and felt paw pads. In left ear is the button with a yellow tag “ Steiff Knopf im Ohr 0202/36 “ on front side and “ Made in Austria “ 50% Wool, 50% Cotton “ as well. ………………………………….SOLD.