Uncharacteristically large ( 19 ½”, 50cm ) , this coveted Armand Marseille character toddler is incised “ 231 Fany D.R.G.M. 248/1 A.5. M. “, has blue glass sleep eyes, big “ stuck- out “ ears, tiny lashes and multistroke brows, a closed pouty mouth, a turned up nose, and chubby cheeks with well modeled double chin, indentations on both sides of the mouth, and a slightly protruding upper lip. She is on the proper and uniquely modeled toddler body especially designed for and only found on these AM Fany children. Although they are “ toddler proportioned” ( somewhat short, squat, and chunky, ), they have straight wrists with separated fingers ( one pinky repaired ) and most importantly do NOT have diagonal hip joining as do most ( if not all ) other toddlers of this era. Finish is mostly original but does have some slight damage in the form of a missing piece of composition on the left upper leg near the top but does not affect the stringing capability and could be easily repaired, if desired, by any artist or “ doll doctor “. She wears a delightful and bright costume consisting of an antique blond curly wig, a white light organdy dotted-Swiss short dress with pink cotton “ onesy” underneath, white leather side button boots with pink socks, and a most impressive matching pink wooly snow hat with lace and fur trimmed overcoat with fasteners in front simulating fox or mink muzzles , stylish in the period of manufacture but would be considered inappropriate in today’s more critical times. A spectacular doll in unusual size at a very modest price of only……RESERVED.


 Delightful 14 ½” ( 37cm ) Hertel and Schwab character googly with bisque socket head incised “ 173 “ . There is also incised after the “173” a size number but it is so lightly etched and so faint it is hard to read with distinct clarity. It could be either a “5” or a “ 3”. Based on estimated overall proportions and height of the doll we assume it is probably a “5” but that final interpretation is up to the potential buyer. She has blue glass side glancing sleep eyes, tiny lashes and multistroke “ winged “ brows, a tightly pursed lipped closed smiling mouth, smile lines and dimples as well as district double chin. The “ 173 “ and “172” googly models have identically molded facial features whereas the 173 has a cut head with wig, and the 172 with molded and painted head and hair. This doll is on a nice period German wood and composition toddler body with diagonal hip joints in overall good condition although finish is somewhat flat and “ scrubbed “ in places. She is attractively presented in a smokey rose pink printed cotton dress with silk sash/belt tied around the waist bearing colorful silk flowers in front. The underwear is antique, as is the very nice pale reddish-brown mohair wig with pink silk ribbon bow. The shoes are antique black canvas, the striped cotton socks very colorful, and in addition has a woven wicker-type bonnet with an inserted maroon velvet ribbon running entirely around the border and tying into a short bow in back. Although all the googlies from the Hertel and Schwab “ Jubilee” series are nice and desirable, the 173 model is available ever so infrequently compared to the 165 models with the so-called “ watermelon slice “ mouths!………………………………………….US$ 3,950. 


Very nice glass eyed Kestner character with Glass Eyes, incised “ 179 “ with two molded upper teeth within the open/closed expression , brown glass sleep eyes, tiny painted upper and lower lashes and multistroke blondish eyebrows, on the period marked Kestner body with original finish stamped in red “ Germany 0 ½”. Dressed in a sailor suit consisting of white linen bib-type knee length trousers which reach up and fasten separately above each shoulder, a blue and white V-shaped inner collar, an indigo blue jacket with brass buttons, white stitching on wide collar with wide lapels and similar stitching at sleeve ends, long white cotton stockings and somewhat newer but nicely made white leather side-button boots. The antique bluish-purple mariner’s cap also has stitching and brass star adornments. The wig is antique wispy blond mohair over plaster pate ( has been detached so easy to stuff head when and if shipped ). A nice cabinet size, 15” (38cm) – not too big nor too small. If this were at one time ever in a Kestner Character “ Boxed Set “ it would have been in the intermediary size with the smallest one with dolls about 12” and the largest about 18”. A very nice character with the much harder to find glass sleep eyes!……………….SOLD 


 Hard to find 14 ½” ( 37cm ) Armand Marseille toddler incised “ 230 Fany A.3.M. “ and also somewhat uniquely diagonally incised “ D.R.G.M “ on back left of neck. This doll marked “230 “ has the exact same facial modeling of the “231 “ ( both marked “Fany “) but this one has molded and painted head and hair as well has deep three dimensional ridges and forelock curls of top of forehead making him obviously only a boy whereas the 231 with cut head and wig could be of either gender even though one almost all 231s we have observed have been dressed and portrayed as girls. The 230 boy has the exact same designed toddler body as the 231 being short and girthy but always with straight wrists and hip joints without the diagonal joints. This body has good original patina with some ships on tips of both pinkies, and on the lower front of the torso the original paper retailer’s label of “ Au Nain Blue PARIS “ where he was obviously originally sold more than 100 years ago. He wears a simple gauze one piece original undergarment , a one piece gauze and lace trimmed and red paneled romper suit, and nice antique white leather shoes impressed “3” on the cardboard soles. As one can observe from the photos there is some extra coloring in the center seam of the head running from ear to ear, much the same as there can be some darkening and extra paint color in the side seams of any bisque doll, but this is not a damage or a crack, just a slight opening in the seam allowing the color of the painting of the head appear a bit more pronounced. Also apparent are two slight round holes in the “ flat spot “ on the back top of head and in the very center in back of the head near the markings; again, these are “ in the making “ and not a damage. A possible explanation might be that the doll was originally strung with a wire as is sometimes found on dolls of this period. A rare doll is a “ small, but not too small” example…………………………………………………US$ 2,250. 


 Rare larger size ( 13”, 33cm ) darker complexion child painted bisque socket head character incised “ Heubach Koppelsdorf 432- 8b Germany “ with light brown skin tones and red painted lips, black molded and painted short hair with deep comb marks/ridges and just covering the top of the ears, on the original five-piece composition toddler body with diagonal hip joining with realistically modeled legs with dimples in knees and wearing a simple, but original, red and white striped cotton romper suit with belt as well as original leather sandals. The brown glass eyes still sleep and condition of the painted bisque head very good with perhaps one light thin spot on right cheek near the corner of the mouth. One can ascribe whatever ethnicity one chooses as depending on how originally costumed can be though of as a “ Gypsy “, an East Indian or South Asian or South Seas Islander, but this one is just dressed as a “ little girl “ so in theory she could be “all or none “of the above………US$ 375.