Always popular is this Gebruder Heubach laughing character incised “ 5636 3 . Germany and also present is the recognized Heubach “ fan “-logo. This socket head has the usual Heubach “ pre-tinted pink “ colorization which goes through the bisque and not just on the outer surface which is found on most other bisque head dolls. He has blue glass sleep eyes, “ outwardly protruding “ big ears, upper and lower painted lashes and multistroke brows, and the characteristic wide grin smiling mouth with big molded tongue and two tiny molded teeth above bottom lip- at first appearing to be an “ open/closed “ arrangement but upon looking closely one sees a very slight opening between the tongue and the upper lip. This 15” ( 38cm ) child is on the original fully jointed “ Sonneberg -type “ German wood and composition body with original patina, fully articulated but with fixed wrists. He wears a well made wool two -piece sailor-type costume with white knee length pants, a blue jacket with brass buttons and a blue wool sailor cap with brass stars and embroidered emblems. The wig is antique blond mohair with bangs and the boots white side button leather but not as old as the doll. A fine example in a slightly larger size than normally found and of overall very good quality!…………..US$ 1,100. 


Stunning in both its size ( 24 ½”, 62 cm ) and presentation is this beautiful portrait of an Asian child by Simon & Halbig, incised “ S&H 1129 11 “ , with slightly and realistically tinted bisque with even more accented and modeled eye cutouts with brown glass sleep eyes, finely painted upper and lower lashes, arched multistroke eyebrows, slightly rouged cheek highlighting, and an open mouth with four upper teeth. The fully articulated German wood and composition body is original with excellent finish and painted in a unique color which is well coordinated with the subtle hues of the bisque head. The elaborately styled black mohair wig is original and encircled with a cloth floral garland headband. The ankle length pale green silk costume is intricately and realistically designed with accoutrements totally in keeping with the background and style of the doll. The shoes are pale green canvas and almost perfectly match the color of the silk dress. There are four Simon Halbig models portraying various Asian child with the 1329 being the most frequently found so to find an 1129 of this quality and grand size is indeed an opportunity not often experienced!………………………………….US$ 3,250. 


Rare in both its size ( 15” , 38cm ) and its remarkable characteristics ( glass sleep eyes AND its separately molded and removable bisque bonnet ) is the Gebruder Heubach “ Stuart Baby “ with socket head incised “ 7975 Germany “ and also has the incised Heubach “ fan “ logo. She is also on a very nice fully articulated German wood and composition body with original patina and is well dressed in a white cotton blouse, a striped cotton print antique dress with pockets, old underwear, rose colored knit stockings and old but somewhat faded pale rose leather shoes. The white bisque bonnet has the well- recognized pink rose and leaf design painted all around the edge, a few random similar roses on top , AND, at the base of the neck, on the back of the head itself, just below the bonnet, is molded painted and curly hair jutting out to lend even more reality and a further three dimensional aspect of design. At each front edge of the bonnet there are small round holes to allow ribbons or strings to be inserted allowing for tying a big bow under the chin to hold the bonnet in place. Although the head and bonnet of this particular doll are actually being held together now by the inserted ribbon shown, one must wonder if this was indeed the purpose of the two part mold to have children actually remove the bonnet as it is/was especially perilous and indeed when new the two pieces ( lower “ head “ and bisque bonnet ) were most likely held together and affixed at the factory by a heavy plaster much in the manner of the pates originally provided to the Kestner dolls with cut heads and wigs (?!). A rare model in excellent condition as “ Stuart Babies “ are traditionally one bisque solid heads/bonnets with painted intaglio eyes , smaller, and on baby bodies…………………………………….US$ 2,250.


Always popular and a “ near must have “ for most collectors, especially those wanting German character dolls is justified and exemplified in this superb example of the Kestner Asian baby measuring 13” ( 33 cm ) long with brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth, and mounted to the original German composition five piece bent limb body with excellent original painted finish. The head is incised “ F. made in Germany 10 243 “ and is realistically tinted and body painted to portray the complexion of an Asian baby. The original wig is bobbed black human hair and the silk costume is elaborately embroidered and is of the period of the doll ( circa 1920 ). A near mint doll with little room ( if any ) for criticism………………………………US$ 1,750. 


 Sweet German character socket head boy by Gebruder Heubach, 14” ( 35 cm ), with blue glass sleep eyes, closed pursed pouty mouth, and incised “ 8420 2 HEUBACH ( in a square )” , on original fully articulated German wood and composition body with mostly original finish with only a bit of normal age paint wear. He wears an antique dark blond mohair wig, antique heavy cotton one- piece plaid suit with silk ribbon belt at waist, antique pink canvas shoes with brass buckles, and an antique rust colored velvet cap. The 8420 is slightly harder to find than the popular 6969 and 6970 models and his size fits the criteria for most collectors and neither “ too big nor too small ” …US$ 975.