Wonderful rare Kammer and Reinhardt brown bisque character in superb original condition, 15 1/2″ ( 39cm ), incised ” K&*R 101 39 “, seldom found, and rarely in this slightly larger size. Commonly known as Peter as a boy ( Marie as a girl ), the coloration and quality of the painting is smooth and even with no visible scratches, nose or cheek rubs, nor excessive kiln dust specks. The lips are painted in a faint coral color giving him that true “pouty “ expression for which these models are known and admired. The color of the jointed K&R wood and composition body almost perfectly matches that of the bisque head and is in excellent condition with original patina. The tight curly black caracul wig is intact and original. It is firmly affixed to the head and even attempting to remove might cause severe damage to it as well as possibly creating wig pulls in the bisque by trying, so, we will not remove. If the potential buyer decides to do so when received it is at their risk. To try to provide assurance, please be aware that after removing the wig it is revealed that the bisque head has serious PRIOR damage and/or repairs, we will accept a return ,but for no other reason nor because of any wig pulls alone as it is impossible to ascertain when and where they might have been attained. He is dressed in a cotton shirt, antique polished light blue cotton overalls, black cotton socks and antique side-button leather boots. This doll had been in the collection of well known and respected collector, teacher, and doll researcher Carol Corson for many decades and has been lovingly well preserved. Hopefully he will spend the next few years ( preferably decades ) with another sophisticated collector who will equally appreciate both his rarity and quality!…………………..SOLD.


 Hard to find 14 ½” ( 37cm ) Armand Marseille toddler incised “ 230 Fany A.3.M. “ and also somewhat uniquely diagonally incised “ D.R.G.M “ on back left of neck. This doll marked “230 “ has the exact same facial modeling of the “231 “ ( both marked “Fany “) but this one has molded and painted head and hair as well has deep three dimensional ridges and forelock curls of top of forehead making him obviously only a boy whereas the 231 with cut head and wig could be of either gender even though one almost all 231s we have observed have been dressed and portrayed as girls. The 230 boy has the exact same designed toddler body as the 231 being short and girthy but always with straight wrists and hip joints without the diagonal joints. This body has good original patina with some ships on tips of both pinkies, and on the lower front of the torso the original paper retailer’s label of “ Au Nain Blue PARIS “ where he was obviously originally sold more than 100 years ago. He wears a simple gauze one piece original undergarment , a one piece gauze and lace trimmed and red paneled romper suit, and nice antique white leather shoes impressed “3” on the cardboard soles. As one can observe from the photos there is some extra coloring in the center seam of the head running from ear to ear, much the same as there can be some darkening and extra paint color in the side seams of any bisque doll, but this is not a damage or a crack, just a slight opening in the seam allowing the color of the painting of the head appear a bit more pronounced. Also apparent are two slight round holes in the “ flat spot “ on the back top of head and in the very center in back of the head near the markings; again, these are “ in the making “ and not a damage. A possible explanation might be that the doll was originally strung with a wire as is sometimes found on dolls of this period. A rare doll is a “ small, but not too small” example…………………………………………………US$ 2,250. 


 Completely original 15 ½” ( 39cm ) Kammer and Reinhardt version of “ HANS “, the male portrayal of the highly desirable 114 model ( and incised “ K&*R 114 39 “ ), on the original fully jointed wood and composition body in excellent condition and wearing an all original traditional regional composition likely that of one of the Tyrolean areas in the south/southeast. He wears a white cotton shirt, black felt trousers with leather suspenders ( the right one “ faded away/aka “ missing “ ), green stockings, black leather shoes, and a green felt hat with rope braid which covers his original bobbed reddish-brown mohair wig. As shown, he does exhibit some typical wig pulls so common to these painted eyed K&R characters but they are almost entirely in the back of the head and are concealed with wig and hat in place. A very nice all original example with exceptional appeal and charm and accompanied by a UFDC Regional Convention blue ribbon from 1995…………………SOLD.


Extremely rare and well modeled and constructed 9” ( 23cm ) bisque socket head military officer portrait dol made by Dressel and Co. of Germany as one of several important and mostly American military elite in the period of the Spanish-American War of about 1898. This officer has tiny fixed blue glass eyes, a firm stoic expression, with highly detained brown mustache parted in center and combed outward on both sides from the center, equally detailed molded and painted brown hair protruding from underneath the glued-on carton felt covered hat. His costume is elaborately designed with high collar navy blue felt jacket with braided military accoutrements, lighter teal wool trousers with two red stripes on each side and, suspended from a leather belt, a metal sword within its sheath. The body is a simple composition body with joints at shoulders and hips with molded and painted black boots integral to the legs. The manner of design REQUIRES that the hat be affixed to the head at all times as center part of the top of the head is (intentionally ) incomplete as one can see the original stringing wire overlapping the edge of the head holding all the doll together. Accompanying the doll is included a photo copy of an extensive history of this series of dolls published in ANTIQUE DOLL COLLECTOR, well researched by Susan Foreman. This doll was sold to us as “ General Dewey “ but although both he and this figure had mustaches we beg to differ as General Dewey is normally portrayed wearing a hat with pointed peak in front center of the forehead. If not Dewey, then possible alternatives would include Admiral William Sampson, or Commodore Winfield Scott Schley. Although not even a question here but another important figure in this Dressel Historical series is William McKinley, President of the USA at the time of the conflict. That said, final determination of the actual man portrayed here to be designated by the future buyer after careful study of the material provided in the details provided by Ms. Foreman!………………..US$ 975. 


 Delightful and happy J D Kestner toddler circa 1914- 1920, 21 ½” ( 55cm ) tall, with head incised ” made in Germany J.D.K. 260 Germany _ 58 “, having huge blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with four upper teeth, a molded double chin, and well painted lashes and multi-stroke “ flyaway “ brows. She is mounted to the original fully articulated German wood and composition toddler body with diagonally joined hip sockets. The body is quite chubby and in overall good condition with some minor repaint on some fingers. The brassy blond mohair wig with curls is original and is secured in place on one side by a large pink silk ribbon bow. The costume consists of an antique heavy cotton print plaid dress with drop waist and silk sash, loads of layers of white cotton undergarments, as well as a two- layer white cotton and lace collar. Completing the costume is a large white cotton, lace and straw bonnet that ties under the chin. Her white oilcloth shoes are old but not as old as the doll. The “260 “ models were sold as babies, toddlers, and child dolls with the very smallest ones sometimes on the “ five piece toddler” ones with the “ starfish hands “, so nice to find this large fully jointed toddler example as they are the most difficult to locate. ………US$ 695. 


 Rare larger size ( 13”, 33cm ) darker complexion child painted bisque socket head character incised “ Heubach Koppelsdorf 432- 8b Germany “ with light brown skin tones and red painted lips, black molded and painted short hair with deep comb marks/ridges and just covering the top of the ears, on the original five-piece composition toddler body with diagonal hip joining with realistically modeled legs with dimples in knees and wearing a simple, but original, red and white striped cotton romper suit with belt as well as original leather sandals. The brown glass eyes still sleep and condition of the painted bisque head very good with perhaps one light thin spot on right cheek near the corner of the mouth. One can ascribe whatever ethnicity one chooses as depending on how originally costumed can be though of as a “ Gypsy “, an East Indian or South Asian or South Seas Islander, but this one is just dressed as a “ little girl “ so in theory she could be “all or none “of the above………US$ 375.