Sweet, appealing, and ever-popular Kestner portrayal of the Rose O’Neill character “ Kewpie “, in the even rarer bisque socket head version with large  brown stationary glass side glancing eyes with tiny painted lashes on the lower eyelids only . She is incised on back of neck base “ ges. Gesch, J.D.K. 10 “ and the incised signature “ O’Neill “. She has the typical and easily recognizable tight lipped broad smile, raised and enameled tiny eyebrows, molded and enameled tufts of hair above each ear and a pointed tuft of hair on back top of head with a long narrow forelock of hair emitting forward almost to the center of the forehead. The original five piece composition toddler body has the splayed so-called “ starfish “ hands and has the original paint finish throughout with some slight typical age wear ( primarily on fingertips and toes ). She wears a one piece short cotton undergarment and a period peach organdy knee-length dress with broad collar and blue silk ribbon bow tie underneath the collar. She stands 10 ½” ( 27cm ) to the top of the curl on her head and although not very tall has the appearance of a much larger doll as she is chubby all over with a huge head circumference ( almost 10” ) which belies her short stature. …………RESERVED


Stunning in both its size ( 24 ½”, 62 cm ) and presentation is this beautiful portrait of an Asian child by Simon & Halbig, incised “ S&H 1129 11 “ , with slightly and realistically tinted bisque with even more accented and modeled eye cutouts with brown glass sleep eyes, finely painted upper and lower lashes, arched multistroke eyebrows, slightly rouged cheek highlighting, and an open mouth with four upper teeth. The fully articulated German wood and composition body is original with excellent finish and painted in a unique color which is well coordinated with the subtle hues of the bisque head. The elaborately styled black mohair wig is original and encircled with a cloth floral garland headband. The ankle length pale green silk costume is intricately and realistically designed with accoutrements totally in keeping with the background and style of the doll. The shoes are pale green canvas and almost perfectly match the color of the silk dress. There are four Simon Halbig models portraying various Asian child with the 1329 being the most frequently found so to find an 1129 of this quality and grand size is indeed an opportunity not often experienced!………………………………….US$ 3,250. 


Rare in both its size ( 15” , 38cm ) and its remarkable characteristics ( glass sleep eyes AND its separately molded and removable bisque bonnet ) is the Gebruder Heubach “ Stuart Baby “ with socket head incised “ 7975 Germany “ and also has the incised Heubach “ fan “ logo. She is also on a very nice fully articulated German wood and composition body with original patina and is well dressed in a white cotton blouse, a striped cotton print antique dress with pockets, old underwear, rose colored knit stockings and old but somewhat faded pale rose leather shoes. The white bisque bonnet has the well- recognized pink rose and leaf design painted all around the edge, a few random similar roses on top , AND, at the base of the neck, on the back of the head itself, just below the bonnet, is molded painted and curly hair jutting out to lend even more reality and a further three dimensional aspect of design. At each front edge of the bonnet there are small round holes to allow ribbons or strings to be inserted allowing for tying a big bow under the chin to hold the bonnet in place. Although the head and bonnet of this particular doll are actually being held together now by the inserted ribbon shown, one must wonder if this was indeed the purpose of the two part mold to have children actually remove the bonnet as it is/was especially perilous and indeed when new the two pieces ( lower “ head “ and bisque bonnet ) were most likely held together and affixed at the factory by a heavy plaster much in the manner of the pates originally provided to the Kestner dolls with cut heads and wigs (?!). A rare model in excellent condition as “ Stuart Babies “ are traditionally one bisque solid heads/bonnets with painted intaglio eyes , smaller, and on baby bodies…………………………………….US$ 2,250.


HUGE 32″ (81 cm) character, perhaps the largest model we have seen on this mold, with head incised “1488 Simon & Halbig 15” with blue glass sleeping eyes, an open/closed mouth with wide space between the lips but no molded teeth, on a near mint German wood and composition body which is fully articulated. She wears a wonderful bobbed but very curly antique light brown mohair wig, a very nice antique rusty red wool dress, old undergarments, socks and white leather shoes, as well as a well coordinated antique bonnet. The bisque quality is also especially nice with even facial coloring, well painted eyebrows and upper and lower lashes. Considering the rarity of this doll and impressive size she is quite a bargain at SOLD


Lovely 18″ ( 46 cm ) example of the ever popular Kammer and Reinhardt character ” Marie ” with head incised ” K&*R 101  46 “ and having pale blue painted eyes with black upper eyelid liner , short half stroke single eyebrows, and superior facial modeling featuring a closed pouty mouth and deep indentation depressions around the mouth and chin with evenly painted coloring with slight blush to the full cheeks. As is common, she does have some typical wig pulls around the very top of open rim edge and on back of head, but none on the actual forehead and with all fully covered with the wig in place. The pink fully jointed body with original finish is original to the head and other than one finger on the left hand which had been broken and well re-glued where it is joined with the palm, it is in very good condition. She is charmingly attired in a cotton print dress with darker blue and white trimmed pinafore/apron, lovely multi-colored bonnet, a full light brown antique mohair wig, and very nice antique shoes and socks.. A most attractive  example at a very modest price of SOLD