Spectacular glazed porcelain quartet , about 7 ½” ( 19cm ) tall each representing four young black boys ( Blackamoors ) as waiter/servants, each in a unique position, similarly but uniquely dressed with turban-like head garb each different, one carrying a platter of pyramid of fruit, another a plate of chicken/fowl of some sort, another perhaps of dessert ( while stealing a piece to eat himself ) and the fourth a tray of a whole fish and carrying a large jug in the other. All are in excellent condition with no damage or repair found. Two of the four still have their square paper retailer’s swing tag reading “ AUGUST SPEISER buegt fuerguet Ware “. Also on the bottom of each base there is a green stamp in script “ Rosenthal “ then “ Germany”. Each has an unique three digit number and the name of the designer “ H ( Hugo ) MEISEL, and according to information found on internet he worked for Rosenthal in 1936 and 1937 only. Great not only to find but to find ALL FOUR at once and all in near mint condition! The variety of body positions allows one to create multiple “ action scenes “ depending on one’s mood or occasion!!……………………US$ 895. 


Extremely rare, and in a true whimsical and imaginative design is this covered two- piece container that could be a trinket box, a powder container, a pin holder, or for any or all one might imagine it to be. It portrays a young lady dressed in a typical Pierette costume with tight black cap and huge ruffled collar seated with the extended blue skirt forming the bottom of the lid and the top of the base of the container. The base consists of a large brown monkey on “ all -fours “ on which the Pierette is resting and supported. Just to each side of the front of the hunched simian and descending out from under the skirt are the lady’s bare legs with flat black painted slippers. When assembled it measures 6” ( 15cm ) tall. It is German circa 1910-1920 but no markings found, perhaps Hertwig. Excellent condition and a most usual and humerous piece!…………………………….USS $495. 


A most wonderful German porcelain half doll just in its own right with elaborate 1920s marcelled hairstyle showing comb marks, rows of tight curls with one row covering forehead just above the eyebrows, eyes almost closed looking downward with long eyelashes, and, finally, an elaborately molded gold necklace painted in gold as is the hair!. Arms are molded delicately away from the body with left hand open just below her chin and right hand also open with fingers extended. She is being presented in a seated position with the half doll having been sewn to a round cloth pincushion base with the two- layer pink and green silk dress flaring out to cover the pincushion. The cloth base has then been secured to a round cardboard top which would have been the lid for an entire ( covered ) box, perhaps for powder or candy depending on the depth of the base. Unfortunately ,the base of the cardboard box is no longer present but the box lid allows secure seating. Height is 6 ½’ (15cm ). Excellent condition with no damage found…………………………………..…US$ 395. 


Lovely pair of antique bisque figurines, the boy 13” ( 33cm ) tall, the girl 12 ½” ( 32cm ) tall, each walking as if off to school for the day, he carrying his books under his right arm, she with her left arm helping to support hers with the left. They are both standing on colorful bases designed to represent the ground in an outdoor environment, much like as one finds on Gebruder Heubach figures, yet these are much more solid and unusually heavy in comparison. Underneath the bases both have a blue stamp of the letter “R” within a diamond shape and some numbers, some impressed, others crudely inscribed. Kovels says that English pottery, bisque, and other porcelain-type figures has a similar mark ( a single letter within a blue diamond shape ) from mid 1800s and if relevant to this pair, an “R” indicates year of manufacture as 1861. Based on appearance of both style of both clothing and type of method of manufacture this assumption lends both credence possibility yet this is not a guarantee on our part but we do commit to guarantee that they are indeed antique and their quality speaks for itself in determining desirability and the asking price!……US$ 375. PAIR 


Huge ( 17”, 44cm tall; 10 ½”, 29cm wide across base ) and impressive figure by Gebruder Heubach portraying an older girl/young lady apparently in a dancing activity and lifting her skirt with both hands at the outer edges to keep herself tripping on it and also as an integral position required in the particular dance in which she is engaging. The modeling is overall superb with special detail exhibited in the hairstyle, the lace in the wide draping white collar section of the dress, the three- dimensional effect of the large black bow on top front side, the gold luster trim near bottom of skirt, as well as the roses below her feet, and the illusion of flower petals blooming in rear of the base. At back center of base there is an impressed Heubach “ fan “ logo. No significant damage or repairs found other than some slight roughness with perhaps a slight firing chip on the inside bottom lip on the base.



German bisque figure with usual theme portraying a young family with the father in a military uniform, probably about ready for service and bidding adieu to his wife and young child. The seriousness on the faces of the adults is dramatic and representative of real -life events facing real people in real time! The quality and detail of the modeling and painting is highlighted by the details of the facial expressions, the raised “bubble-like” accents on all the clothing ( perhaps to be buttons ), the richness of various colors, the soldier’s pale blue jacket draping of the fence post or railing with his gloves laying on the ground alongside, etc., etc., etc. Although certainly of “ Heubach quality “, the extra heaviness of the bisque piece, as well as the incised numbers impressed on the back base ( 3402 ), contradict the assumption that it is a Heubach, therefore most like a Herwig or Royal Rudolstadt as alternative manufacturers. The height is 11 ½” ( 29m ) tall, with base width 7” ( 18cm ). An unusual and most impressive item in overall very good condition with only flaw noted a slight bit of roughness in the bisque at very back bottom of base edge………………………………..US$ 225.


Classic Gebruder Heubach seated “ piano baby “, 6 ½” ( 26cm ) tall sitting, and 6” ( 25cm ) long from back of hips to extended left foot in front. He has a very contented expression , wears a white nightshirt with aqua blue ribbon edge at top, and has his two arms extended grasping right foot while left leg reaches further forward by an extra ½ inch. The bisque is overall extremely pale, the head has intaglio painted blue eyes, and hair extremely well-modeled with raised curl on very top center and several shorter ones framing forehead. On lower center back of clothing there is a faintly embossed Heubach “ fan mark “ logo and also a letter “G” superimposed over an “H”. No damage or repairs observed…….…US$ 175.


 Good quality 7” ( 18cm ) German all bisque doll circa 1900 which is incised on back of head “ 130 7 ½ “ and attributed to Kestner . She has a one- piece head and torso with separately strung arms and legs. The fingers are outstretched with thumbs separated from the other fingers while the legs have separated molded and painted knee-length ribbed white stockings and brown two-strap “Maryjanes “ with slightly raised heels. She has fixed brown glass eyes, well painted lashes and brows, ad an open slightly smiling mouth with four molded square upper teeth. The long blond mohair wig with bangs is original and clothing consists simply as a one piece pleated cotton and lace dress ( sewn around the waist ) with blue ribbon halter top straps. Pinned to her dress is a unique bronze violin with pin-back attachment. In excellent original condition!…………………………..US$ 695. 


5 ½” (14cm ) tall seated glazed porcelain Bassett Hound with sad eyes and long droopy ears as if crying out “ take me home !” The tail is curling forward under left front leg, and he is painted in various delicate shadings of grey and white. He has the green Gebruder Heubach “ Square “ logo underneath . US$ 225. 


  Lot of three German bisque seated children of similar size ( 3”, 9 cm ) in height, of similar age and style and all wearing hats of some sort. The girl has a pale pink bonnet with long blue ribbon which ties under the chin and extends to the ankles while seated with legs stretched forwards. The boy with nightshirt only and with feet bare and knees raised has a tri-cornered hat similar with those made by folding a newspaper. The boy kneeling and supported by his hands has a much more elaborately styled costume with blue jacket, white shirt and trousers, bow at neckline, molded shoes and long stockings, and a peaked hat with ribbon tied around the perimeter. A charming trio showing exquisite detail of modeling, and all in very good condition.……………….US$ 145. ( The Lot ). 


Tiny 4” ( 10cm ) all bisque Grace Storey Putnam “Bye-lo Baby” with molded and painted head and facial features, separately strung arms and legs ( with rare bare feet ), and incised on back torso “ 20-10 copr. GS PUTNAM “. She comes in original wicker square bassinet with original clothing of gauze and silk ribbons as well as a wicker clothes basket, and an added assortment of brush comb, soap holder box, and mirror. 100 years of dust has not been kind but all items are intact but silk ribbons in particular weak and fraying. Still, a nice “package “! Restringing of the doll by someone competent would be recommended but in the meantime just use caution especially involving the legs!……..SOLD. 


Adorable little ( 4”, 10cm ) all bisque Grace Storey Putnam “ Bye-lo Baby “ with solid dome painted hair and blue eyes, separately strung arms and legs with molded socks and blue shoes. All bisque parts are original with no damage or repairs. On front of torso the doll retains most of the circular green paper label reading “ BYE-LO BABY copyright GS Putnam “ , AND, on back of torso incised markings “ 20-10 Copr. by Grace S Putnam Germany “. Stringing loose but not precarious..SOLD.


 Lot of two all bisque German “ nodder-“type comical figures, the child also a “ potty baby “ seated in nightshirt on a chamber pot, with weight bisque head on separately made torso and potty. The other is a pink tinted bisque head with wide open smiling mouth showing red tongue, six upper teeth with yellow molded collar as a base. The large blue hat is elastically strung to the head and loosely so to allow the “ nodder” effect and nomenclature .The somewhat “ clownish “ head is 2 ½” ( 7cm ) tall, and the seated boy 3 ½” ( 9cm ) to top of head. Both in very good shape. …US$ 125. ( The Lot ) 


 6” ( 15cm ) tall seated glazed china figure of a Great Dane with pointed ears and front legs and paws outstretched, wearing a molded chain collar and delicately shaded painting of greys. He is stamped underneath with the green Gebruder Heubach “ Fan “ logo. ………………………..US 225.


 Nice 6” German all bisque doll in the “ Campbell Kid “ manner with intaglio side glancing eyes, molded and painted features including clothing and boots, most likely made by the German firm Hertwig, circa WWI era. The head, torso, and legs/boots are all one piece with separate wire strung arms………..US$ 135. 


1 ½” ( 4cm ) tall and 2 ¾” ( 7cm ) wide all bisque figure(s) of a baby in a cradle. We use the plural as it is made of two separate items, the clothed sleeping baby ad the wicker inspired cradle with blue blanket. The baby can be entirely removed and is modeled specifically to fit into the crevice left when the baby is taken out. Rare items can come in “ small packages “ as well as this unique ensemble reveals. Very nice quality and quite rare! We do not remember another exactly like this one before! German, circa 1910.



 2 ½” (7cm ) tall, 4” ( 10 cm ) long “ inverted-V” shaped covered trinket box made by the German firm Schaefer Vater and incised under the base “5177” as well as a recognized S-V logo. The various shades of lavender and greens with gold luster edging are very strongly associated Art Nouveau designs and style with many extra three dimensional as well adding to the complexity of execution and detail……………………SOLD. 


 4” ( 10cm ) tall as well as wide front to back whimsical figure of a naked baby/toddler with open/closed mouth a hair sticking up in front clutching an open pale green object with water-lilly on right side. He has expressive wide intaglio eyes and stuck -out ears. This Schaefer Vater German boy is incised under base “5120” and is circa 1920 and seldom found…………………………………………US$ 195. 


3” ( 8cm ) tall ( including base ) German all bisque boy standing on oval base with molded and painted clothing holding a book in right arm and carrying an American flag in the clenched fist of the left hand. German but no markings, early 20th Century. US$ 75. 


 5” ( 13cm ) tall German comicalbisque comical figure “ the Violinist “ stamped on bottom of base in black “ Made In Germany “ and an impressed logo attributed to Schaefer and Vater, circa 1910. The back of his hair has many tiny round holes and had a dual feature, most likely as a match-holder with opening in back to perhaps dispose those already used. ………………… ……..US$ 95.