Rare and charming 3 ½” ( 9cm ) tall ( including hat ) all bisque “ nodder”-type figure with one piece torso featuring a young boy with molded clothing and shoes with hands securely tucked away into the pockets , and, on back of torso incised “ Germany “. Although loosely referred to as a “ nodder “, the head does not bob up and down but does swivel at 360 degrees with one side portraying a smiling white boy with open/closed mouth and molded teeth and on the reverse side a slightly smiling black boy. At the top of the head at the hair are three tiny holes with the one at very top center of head allowing elastically attaching the head and torso while the two tiny holes at each side for the thread attachments of the red felt pointed hat to be secured and also flip slightly forward and back so that the head of the reverse face can totally obscure from view the one that does not face forward. A simple concept but ingeniously designed and executed in assembly!……………………US$ 245. 


 Unmarked but undoubtedly a Gebruder Heubach production is this well modeled 4’ ( 10cm ) nude boy in positioned pigeon-toed stance with knees turned inward, knees deeply bent, arms also turned out at the elbows, and with fingers of both hands splayed as if he were about to sneak up on an acquaintance or friend. If not that maybe he imagines himself as “ Baby Stuart “ in his attempt to trying to imitate the positioning, stature of a creche-figure( ?!). Regardless he is charming, popular, and one of many examples of various Heubach “ position- babies!….US$ 145. 


Large ( 7”, 18cm ) German all bisque doll, circa 1920 with one piece head and shoulder and separately wire- strung arms and legs with molded and painted ribbed white socks and brown “ Mary- Janes” with one ankle strap. The somber faced girl has all molded and painted facial features with blue eyes and elaborately molded blond curly hair tied at right side with molded blue hair ribbon. Although not marked one might assume that in addition to painted finish and details the bisque could also be from the so-called “ pre-tinted pink “ type associated with products designed and licensed by Amberg and many produced by Hertwig & Co. of Germany . She comes with a simple pleated cotton print dress with lace trim at collar and sleeve edges and a silk ribbon “below- the- waist “ sash………….. RESERVED.


 Rare 4 ½” ( 11cm ) German all bisque immobile one-piece figure is not only rare but open to speculation of representation in many if not all aspects. In that it was certainly produced in the 1910- 1920 time frame one might ascribe that it could be someone with riding crop clutched in right hand extending upward covering top of molded white shirt with collar. The person wears and ankle-length beige coat with orange sleeve cuffs and open wide collar with similar color, a black belted sash with two dangling tassels hanging from waist, a white with blue trim large hat with thick yellow tassel hanging to left side and permanently molded framed glasses or goggles. Dark brown molded hair exposed on both sides and covering ears with well- defined modeled hair with comb marks at shoulder length in back, and flat soled molded and painted black shoes complete all the carefully executed features. Although open to interpretation we tend to lean towards this figure representing a lady but because of the ambiguity of the costume ( the hat has some “ fez-like “ qualities ) one must decide for oneself. Charming nonetheless and certainly hard to find!……………………………………………………………..RESERVED 


Charming 4 1⁄2” (11cm ) tall all bisque figurine of a young black girl in seated position with well modeled smiling expression with bare feet, the right leg fully outstretched and the left tucked under her body hidden by the knee-length pink and white skirt, and also wearing a wide-sleeved white blouse with pale yellow scarf tied at neckline. The right arm is outstretched and clasping the back of an open top pale green melon. Although unmarked is of German manufacture circa 1900 and of the quality commensurate with Hertwig & Co. ……………US$ 165.


 3” ( 7.5cm ) tall and 2 ½” ( 7cm ) long bisque figure of man with top hat looking to his left and riding and animal which could be either a horse of donkey. Wire-strung joints are on both shoulders of the man and at tops of all four legs on the animal. The man’s long coattails stretch back and cover the entirety of the animal’s hindquarters with legs tightly clutching the animal’s torso. Although only lightly painted in key areas that color is fired in permanently. No markings observed other than some hand written marks of “ 8-T-A” on underside of animal. Although small, much thought and work have gone into the production of this seldom found novelty item……..US$ 95. 


A 5” ( 12cm ) tall “ double potty baby “ figure featuring two children in nightshirts appropriately elevated to share a chamber pot simultaneously. The figures and well decorated and painted with floral designs on the one handle pot. Although the coloring is a little mottled in spots and the black child exhibiting a few pin prick size white losses of paint it is in excellent condition otherwise with no damage found. German made with no markings found but more than likely by Hertwig & Co……………………………………………………………………………..SOLD.


 Lot of six small ( 2 ½”, 6 cm ) German bisque children, all of similar age and manufacture but each in a unique position, none of whom are standing. All wear white nightshirts, many with bare bottoms, five barefoot, and a lone wolf with one blue sock remaining. Two are crawling, three are seated, and the other resting his head on hands with shoulders on surface and legs doubled up and raised high in back. All in very good condition……………………………..US$ 195 ( The Lot )


Although occasionally found in a variety of size and color combinations this Gebruder Heubach all bisque double figure of young Dutch children attempting a first kiss is much larger than the normal sizes found so at 10” ( 25cm ) is quite impressive and the well detailed modeling more apt to stand out and impress. At the lower back bottom of the girl’s skirt near the base is an incised logo of the recognized Heubach “fan “ mark and just under the base still in the orange color of the skirt is the size “ 3 ½” and also a four digit mold number which COULD be “ 3892 “ but not guaranteed to be those exact numbers as not clearly impressed. One particular profile which stands out the most accentuating the detail of modeling is when you look at the two from the side and there is a distinct space between the lips of the children but at center chest level bodies touch with no distance between with a second distance emergeing again and then ends at about knee level with boy’s wooden shoes resting firmly at base of the girl’s skirt. An innocent moment perhaps of “ young love “! In excellent condition with no damage or repair observed……….…SOLD


 Lot of three diminutive ( 2”, 5 cm tall seated ) German bisque children of similar sizes and styles, all with molded blond hair, and legs extended forwards . Two are almost twins wearing nightshirts pulled up at the knees, with a partially eaten biscuit in outstretched left hand. If there is indeed any difference is that one has brighter coloring than the mate. The other child with legs fully extended has a drum at left hip and teo drumsticks in the hands, each at a unique angle. His costume is a blue undergarment with an attached diagonal shoulder strap crossing the chest in front. All in very good condition.……….US $ 135 ( The Lot ) 


 Charming and extremely unusual 3 ½” ( 9cm ) German all bisque figure of a blond haired young girl wearing nightshirt only with bare feet standing on a grassy surface in front of a large “ wicker “ basket raising up the lid to reveal a ( cotton and wire ) frog standing on hind legs trying to peer out over the top and/or escape. Detail is superb and a rare concept to have the frog made of another material other than the standard bisque!………………………………………US$ 145. 


Unusual full figure seated “ piano baby”-type Gebruder Heubach featuring an older baby/very young toddler with molded and painted hair and facial figures with deep intaglio eyes, wearing a white and pink dotted nightshirt with puffy sleeve, trimmed in pink at the neckline and wearing an elaborate wide brimmed bonnet, white on the back exterior and pink on the majority of the interior. She sits with arms and legs outstretched in the process of removing her pink socks, having already done so with the left with foot totally exposed and the right sock in the process of being removed. Even seated she stands 8 ½ “ (22cm ) to top of bonnet edge and 7” ( 18cm ) from back to front of bare foot. On the base she has three markings consisting of a blue circle stamp reading “ MADE IN GERMANY “, another blue stamp with the Heubach “ fan “ logo, and a similar “ fan mark “which is incised. The quality of the modeling is exquisite and the figure itself a difficult one to find………………………SOLD.


 Lot of four unusual all bisque German children, all in seated or reclining position including a slightly larger girl laying on right side, legs bent and, outstretched, and lifting the edge of the dress with left hand into the air and exposing the knee. There is a crawling boy in nightshirt, a girl in nightshirt with molded and painted bonnet, and a seated girl in dress and wearing a large black hat ( perhaps that of her father ). Three of the four have no damage but perhaps a reglue where the right arms join with the clothing. The sizes are 2 ½” ( 7cm ) to 1 /2” ( 4cm ) tall seated………………………………..US$ 175 ( The Lot ). 


4 ½” ( 11cm ) tall all bisque covered tobacco ( or trinket ) box featuring image of Native American bust with strong features including feathered headdress Details official features are impressively realistic with intaglio eyes and open/closed mouth and teeth. No markings but German circa 1910 and of “ Heubach quality “ but with some colorings associated with Schaffer Vater as well…………..SOLD


 Well executed 12” ( 31cm ) Gebruder Heubach bisque figure of a boy seated on a tufted stool reading a multipage handwritten letter. He has blue intaglio eyes looking downward with right hand raised and index finger separated from the others. Dressed in a knee length multicolored nightshirt with white collar and edge trimmed in gold luster, a tri-cornered hat of similar colors, and socks with gold trim at tops. The upholstered round cushion on which he sits is distinguished from the upholstery of the base which resembles long thin rope-like tassels. He has a red stamp inside the base with the familiar Heubach “fan “ logo and has no damage other a tiny roughness at base edge which is barely detectable. …………………US$ 250. 


3 1/2” ( 8cm ) tall, 4” ( 9cm ) wide pin tray/ashtray -type all bisque figure most likely a souvenir item for the famous German “ Oktoberfest “ celebration in Munich featuring a three dimensional multicolored cityscape scene and a very elaborated three dimensional raised portrayal in back of a young “ Munich Maid “ in traditional long black and yellow hooded costume raising a beer stein in right hand, a large barrel to her right, all perched on a forest scene of a log and flowers.On the back is an incised artist signature “ A Pauson “ and “ geselzl gescghuetz 1894 “. Although not an especially large figure the degree of complexity in both the modeling and execution should not be overlooked or underappreciated!……………………………………US$ 135. 


4 ½” ( 11cm ) all bisque Asian child with one piece head, torso, and legs, and separately strung bisque arms wearing molded and painted lime green and lavender hat with long black braided queue in back to waist, and molded and painted black one strap shoes. Although much in the manner of the Gebruder Heubach “ Chin-Chin “ Babies, he has no markings and appears slightly different to verifiable male Heubach versions found in photos and all those found have had more colorful, less traditional shoes than these “ Mary Jane “-type ones found on this exact model. Nevertheless he is appealing, well executed, and in excellent condition!…………………..US$ 65. 


Interesting and unusually constructed all bisque girl doll, 4” ( 9.5cm ) tall, with one piece head and torso with all painted features including pink hair bows, arms folded and pressed to the body in different position. The unique feature, not often seen, is that her one piece long thin legs with molded shoes and socks are separately strung by a single wire which passes through the lower skirt on both sides and allows her to kick her feet ( forward only ). No markings of any type located but a most unusual little figure!. US$ 45. 


 Interesting and seldom found all bisque figure portraying a black well- dressed gentleman wearing a long coat with “ brass” buttons high boots, tipping a black top hat in the left hand, and carrying what appears to be a “ ruck sack “ on a stick in the right. He stands on a raised platform with an open container in back in an outdoor scene in a natural setting. The German made item is incised underneath “ 7338 DEP “ and another illegible logo, and stands 5 ½” ( 14cm ) tall and is 4 ½” ( 11cm ) wide. No damage found other than a slight roughness on one tip of an open flower in back………US$ $125. 


4” ( 10cm ) tall rare seated all bisque “ potty baby-type “ figure but in this rare rendition features a older child/very young woman Asian with bun on top of head and a queue draping midway to the high neckline and clasped in her left hand resting on left shoulder is a large fan. On the back base of the chamber pot are the incised numbers “ 309-4 “ and is at least in the style of other figures made by the German maker Schaefer Vater in early 20th Century although not guaranteed as we have never seen this exact figure previously. …………………………US$ 135.


2 ½” ( 7cm ) tall seated little girl in crouched position pulling her nightshirt dress up over her head and tucked under chin as if she were a “ potty baby “-type figure yet there is no chamber pot nor any other object positioned below. German, circa 1910…US$ 45. 


3” ( 8cm ) tall seated boy with curly blond hair wearing nightshirt and yellow socks holding shoe in left hand a shoe polish brush in right hand. Very nice German figure circa 1900……………………………………………SOLD


 6” ( 15cm ) tall whimsical German bisque figure of boy with bulging eyes and mischievous grin with drum stick in right hand and furiously beating the drum as he obviously has smashed a huge hole in the covering with crazing outward from the force. The painting, design, and style are indicative of the German firm Schaefer and Vater, circa 1910, and typical of the many series of humerus character series they are recognized for and highly regarded by many collectors………….US$ 95. 


 4” ( 10cm ) seated German ( very ) heavy all bisque figure of a boy with molded and painted clothes and heavy blond wavy hair with right hand at face level, left knee bent, and right leg extended. On bottom of base there is a painted “ 34” but no manufacturers marks. There is a firing line running along left side of leg and hip. Whether this is in the making or a later damage is hard to determine but this flaw is well reflected in the low offering price. The unique feature in the positioning and associated weight is that it can be displayed in two positions-;1) as such and flat on a surface, or; 2) at the edge of a surface carefully placed on a second flat edge of the buttocks that allows the legs to be extended over the table and dangling without falling off ( extreme care needed though to position properly with great adherence to the balance of the object ). Obviously much thought given in the design and also one that required a sophisticated knowledge of physics. US$ 45.