Charming 11 ½” ( 29cm ) closed mouth “ Belton-type “ doll, circa 1890, with closed flat dome head and three stringing holes incised only “ 1 “. She has almond shaped eye cuts, fixed brown glass eyes, heart shaped delicately painted mouth, well painted lashes and multistroke brows, unusually large well modeled ears with pierced lobes, and mounted to the original German wood and composition fully jointed body with straight wrists and good original finish. She is nicely costumed in a well -constructed pale mauve silk knee- length dress with lace overlay on skirt and front center panel and high collar and a pink silk ribbon sash at dropped waist level. The wig is antique blond human hair covered by a very nice lace bonnet with wire frame and a silk ribbon with matches the sash. The shoes are antiqueblack canvas with thread pompoms. Although unmarked she has facial characteristics of dolls made by such as firms of Baehr & Proeschild as well as Ernst Grossmann…………………….US$ 725. 


 Impressive 25” Simon & Halbig closed mouth doll with solid dome socket head strung to the original body through two stringing holes on front center top and incised ( very faintly ) “ S&H 939”. There is an addition number ( most likely the head size number ) that is so shallowly impressed one hesitates to definitively state what it might be. She has very strong facial features due to exquisite modeling with the highlights being the closed mouth with strong full lips and pouty upper, bulging big blue glass fixed eyes , and well defined ears with pierced earlobes. The original early German wood and composition body with straight wrists has eight separate ball joints and is extremely chubby, almost in toddler proportions and maintains mostly original patina other than perhaps an old light occasional retouching on a few fingers and forearms. The costume is antique fine fancy lace over a sheer silk base and a big silk bow at waist, a fancy silk and lace bonnet over a long antique honey human hair wig with bangs, and wonderful antique pale pink leather shoes with rosettes and knit socks. This is a superlative example of this harder to find model and offered modestly at …………….US$ 2,450.  


Most unusual 21” ( 54cm ) bisque head baby doll made by Gebruder Heubach for the firm Wagner and Zetsche and incised “10157 HEUCACH ( in a “ square “-logo ) 10 “, with large blue glass sleep eyes , well painted lashes and thick eyebrows, an open smiling mouth with two upper teeth, a separately molded tongue, and deep dimples in both cheeks. Even though made by Gebruder Heubach it does not use the pink tinted bisque throughout technique as they were making for another company, in this case “ WZ”. He is on a five piece bent limb baby body but with a unique construction in that instead of the head having a typical “ socket “-type neck it has a flat cut bottom as one might find on a French automaton head and placed on a wooden ball that sits under the head and inside the neck socket of the body torso allowing the swiveling effect as on any other type baby doll. He wears and antique blue and white cotton romper suit with blue embroidered design, blue and white crocheted booties, and a full antique mohair baby wig over cardboard pate. A rare doll both in model number but with an unusual neck assemblage as well!……………………….US$ 350. 


Classic Kammer and Reinhardt character baby incised “ SIMON & HALBIG Germany K*R 126 42 “ with socket head on five piece bent limb body with good original patina and wearing original mohair wig and a period baby dress. This 16 ½” ( 42 cm ) has an open smiling mouth with two upper teeth , blue glass eyes that sleep with an “ eye-lock “ in head, well painted brows and upper and lower lashes with the remnants of some upper silk lashes as well, and evenly painted facial features. Although not especially rare, this model is nonetheless is in overall very good condition ( only a few very minor very shallow wig pulls ) with a charming expression……….US$ 225.


Although with the current trend of open mouth German bisque children not being as generally popular as in recent passed times, the desirability of the tiny cabinet size versions of the similarly designed larger similar models has not only not waned but conversely has seemed to have increased in popularity making those still found more highly salable than ever and at prices as high as before if not higher. With that considered we are happy to offer this little 9 ½” ( 23cm ) gem incised “ 0 Germany H 3/0 “ undoubtedly a little Handwerck with open mouth and four tiny upper teeth, blue glass sleep eyes , tiny lashes and thick one-stroke brows, pierced earlobes with blue bead earrings, with head mounted to the original FULLY ARTICULATED German wood and composition body with straight wrists, with near mint original patina. She wears the original long full blond mohair wig with long bangs covered by a homemade red felt hat with candy-cane thread bow., a red wool skirt, thin cotton blouse with wide collar, red silk bow tie, antique cotton and linen underwear, and antique socks and original white cloth shoes with soles still present. A sweet little package and not to be missed!………………………………………….US$ 495.