Lovely 14” ( 35cm ) 1890s era closed mouth German doll influenced by the design and popularity of the classic French bebes of same decade when French dolls were at their pinnacle of desirability and quality. This “ Sonneberg”-type child is incised on back of head “ 134 “ and has been attributed to by some to Gebruder Kuhnlenz, and by others to Baehr and Proeschild, but regardless, is indeed of overall quality. She has beautiful pale blue “threaded “ fixed glass eyes, nicely painted thick multistroke brows, delicately painted upper and lower lashes, an almost “ pouty “ closed mouth with full lips, and pierced earlobes. The original German wood and composition body is fully articulated with straight wrists and bears its original fine patina with only slight typical age wear. She wears an antique white gauzy dress with threaded polka dots, cloth roses applied at wrists and pink ribbon sash at waist, antique underwear, a pale blue bonnet trimmed in lace, and old, but not antique, white cloth shoes. The full blond mohair wig with bangs is indeed antique and, in good condition. On left side of nose there is a bit of extra paint color as there must have been a slight thinness of the bisque at this area and not anything to be construed as a damage…………SOLD.


 Charming and happy looking 23 ½” ( 60 cm ) socket head baby incised “ 585 B.P. Germany “ from the firm Baehr and Proeschild with blue glass sleep eyes, well painted upper and lower lashes, multistroke brows, and an open smiling mouth with two upper teeth. The body is original and retains most of the original finish but much of the original glossy outer patina has been lost over time giving it a somewhat “scrubbed” appearance. She wears an antique white cotton baby dress covered by a silky pink pinafore with silk ribbons, and a full blond mohair wig with bangs with pink silk ribbon bow matching those of the pinafore. Tied around her right wrist is a modern white teddy bear for her to play with. Although the B.P. 585 is not an especially rare mold number it is unusual to find an example in this larger size…………………………………..US$ 395. 


 Seldom found German character baby, especially in this larger size ( 22’,56cm ), with head incised “ B.P, “ ( within a heart logo ), “ 678 12 Made in Germany “ , with open mouth and two upper teeth and separate tongue, multistroke brows and tiny upper and lower lashes ( as well as thick silk uppers, perhaps added later ), and mounted to the original composition five piece bent limb body in overall good condition with mostly original fine finish. She wears a long brown antique mohair wig, a white polished cotton baby dress with similar type pink jacket, old undergarments, crocheted booties, and smooth cotton and lace trimmed baby bonnet that ties under the chin. The markings are interesting as although incised “ B.P. ( Baehr and Proschild ) , the heart logo surrounding the letters implies their relationship with Bruno Schmidt. These collaborations between German doll manufacturers is not uncommon as not all doll companies produced their own porcelain and in the is case the “B.P. “ marks specify the makers of the actual heads rather than the designers or ownership of the patent associated……………US$ 375. 


 Knowledge of dolls would make one assume that this 8” ( 20cm ) doll was probably made by Simon & Halbig and indeed it most likely was, however, most likely, they were subtracted by the design/patent owner as incised on back of head “ C HARTMANN Germany 3/0” and then the incised trademark “ Globe Baby “! She has brown glass sleep eyes, an open moth with four upper teeth and is on the original five-piece composition body with chubby lower legs with molded and painted long black ribbed stockings and brown two-ankle strap shoes with separate low heels. She has her original long blond mohair wig covered by an antique white gauze mop cap and has been lovingly redressed by a prior owner in custard yellow 1910-style costume with lace trim throughout and, a chartreuse ribbon sash ribbon at the waist. A hard-to-find doll in very nice condition with great appeal!………….US$ 295. 


 Very nice and exceptionally pretty 8” ( 20cm ) Simon & Halbig 1079 with smiling open mouth with four tiny upper teeth, blue glass sleep eyes, and mounted on the original five-piece composition body with straight writs and molded and painted orange shoes with low heels and ribbed black stockings. She wears all original cotton, velvet, and linen clothing , an original blond mohair wig with center part and long braids tied with red ribbons and a well-coordinated white cap with extensions descending down and over both shoulders. The outfit is not necessarily representing a geographic region but more so perhaps the daughter of a farmer going about her daily chores…………………………………………..US$ 225. 


 9” (23cm ) German bisque head doll with brown glass sleep eyes incised “ Germany” on five piece composition body with molded and painted shoes wearing elaborate ethnic costume supposedly representing a Jordanian bride with costume replete with various “ dowry “ coins. Nice to have any doll so complete and original despite the commonality of the doll itself!……………………SOLD.



 Despite her diminutive size ( 5”, 13cm ) this charming all original Kammer and Reinhardt child has great charm and well modeled detail. She is incised “HALBIG K*R “ and has brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with tiny teeth and is on the original five-piece body with painted shoes and socks. The blond mohair wig and cotton print clothing and hat are completely factory original with dress sewn around the body as are the underclothing beneath. A little gem!! SOLD.


 Precious little 8” ( 20cm ) German doll incised “ 332 “ with brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with four tiny upper teeth, on the original fully jointed wood and composition body with straight wrists and bare feet. Her clothing and cap, her blond mohair wig pulled back into a single long braid, as well has her white paper shoes are completely original and in good condition. All clothing stitched around the body. A very nice and somewhat unusual!……………………………….SOLD.


 Absolutely adorable 12” ( 31cm ) character baby most likely all original and doubly marked revealing the obvious connection between the German firm of Baehr and Proeschild ( the maker ) and the American firm of George Borgfeldt ( the designer and copyright holder ) and thus incised “ G.B.& Co. “ and “ B.P. with crossed swords logo 620- 3 “. She has brown glass sleep eyes, multistroke brows and tiny upper and lower lashes, an open slightly smiling mouth with two upper teeth, and is on the original good quality composition baby body with excellent original patina. She still has her original brown mohair bobbed wig and wears and good quality antique long cotton and lace baby dress, and an elaborate cap with pink ribbon bows. A great doll in a desirable size!……………………………………..US$ 165. 


17” ( 43cm ) Hertel and Schwab character baby with head incised “ made in Germany 152/8 “, blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth and a bisque tongue tip molded and attached to the lower lip. Lashes are well painted as are the so-call “ flyaway “ brows. Body is original five piece bent limb composition with mostly original finish. She wears and organdy floral print dress with gauze pinafore, an old blond human hair wig with long curls, and a pale pink silky gauze bonnet with lace trim and silk ribbons that tie under the chin. A most expressive god quality character baby!……………………………………………..US$ 135.


 15” ( 38cm ) baby attributed to Hertel and Schwab and incised “ 152 7 “ with vey pale smooth bisque, blue glass sleep eyes, upper and lower tiny lashes, multistroke “ flyaway “ brows, and an open mouth with separately molded tongue tip affixed to lower lip, a protruding upper lip with four molded teeth on top. The bent limb composition body is original with overall good original finish throughout. He/she has been well costumes in a blue based cotton print romper suit with blue lace trimmed bonnet that ties under the chin. Blond wig is human hair but newer than the doll……………………………..US$ 145. 


Very rare 14” ( 35cm ) long, 12” ( 31cm ) head circumference flange neck bisque head character infant doll and incised in back with the name of the designer “ ARTHUR GERLING “. He/she has blue glass sleep eyes a protruding chin and closed mouth with tightly pursed lips, and is what collectors refer to as a “ breather “ ( actual open holes in nostrils ). The cloth body is of almost identical style and form to that found on a Bye-lo baby with “ frog legs “ and celluloid hands. Unfortunately the doll is missing one finger on one hand and four on the other but any period celluloid hands will do as replacements including actual Bye-lo hands if necessary. There is a speck of color loss on nose tip but is not a chip. The clothing is period typical white cotton gauzy long dress with lace edging and underneath is a cotton diaper. A rare doll despite the need for some “ finger-work”!…………SOLD.