Most unusual 13 ½” ( 34cm ) German bisque head character baby incised “ 971a A. 4. M. “ by Marseille but with rare head construction allowing for a “ bellows-type voice box “ to be inserted directly into the head cavity with a large circular cutout in back of head and two pieces cut out in front and back of top of head as well as four tiny round holes ( two in back and two in front of forehead) to allow for wires to be attached to secure the voice mechanism. Due to age and fossilization of the bellows it is no longer operable but physically still intact and unremovable. When functioning it probably made either a “crying “or a “mama-papa” utterance. Otherwise it appears at first glance as a “normal baby doll “ with blue glass eyes, and open mouth with two upper teeth on a bent limb composition body and simply dressed in antique clothing with crocheted booties and hat. The eyes do not, and never have slept as the bellows occupy all space inside the head cavity. A most novel doll and deceptively unique after careful examination!………..SOLD.


All original 7” (17cm) German bisque head doll with open mouth and glass sleep eyes mounted to the original five- piece composition jointed body with molded and painted shoes and stockings. Wig permanently glued to head and all clothing and bonnet sewn around the body and neck. All clothing is original and as per the opinion of the past owner “ that of a girl from Ireland “ as written on an attached note pinned to the back of the dress……………………………………………………..US$ 125. 


Completely original 7 1/2” ( 19cm ) German girl incised with a logo of a sunburst and within the letters “ G.K.” and the numbers “ 44 18 “ this almost certainly made by Gebruder Kuhnlenz. She has an open mouth with four teeth, stationary ( original setting ) brown glass eyes, and is mounted to the original five-piece papier-mache body with molded and pained black shoes with heels and white ribbed stockings with red garter above. The regional tradition folk costume is in wonderful condition and of course is completely sewn around the body. The blond mohair wig is formed into two long braids on both sides of the head and they cascade down over both shoulders, The black cap is also an integral part of the national/regional festival dress and has been firmly attached to the wig and head underneath. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the dolls in the full original costumes so do not bypass this wonderful example!……..SOLD.


8’ (20c ) German bisque head “soldier boy“ with all original costume and sword. He is incised “ 56 18 “ and is of the style and mold number type associated with the firm “ Gebruder Kuhnlenz “ although not guaranteed to be. He has brown stationary glass eyes ( original setting ), an open mouth with four upper teeth, an old brown human hair wig, and is mounted to the original five-piece papier-mache body with molded and painted black boots with heels. A nice all original male companion in a doll world overflowing with unlimited “ sisters”………..US$ 165. 


Precocious little 5” ( 12cm ) German bisque head doll incised “ 1351 “ with closed mouth, inset blue glass eyes, on the original five-piece papier-mache body with molded and painted shoes with one ankle strap and long black ribbed stockings. The red gauze and lace dress with matching hat are all original and sewn around the body. The wig is just a patch of ( original ) blond mohair. Although definitely German, one could almost imagine a slight resemblance to an early French Jules Steiner!………SOLD.


Sweet 9” ( 23cm )all original AM 390 with painted bisque head with stationary blue glass eyes on a five-piece papier-mache body, with long painted white stockings and molded and painted black shoes with usual buckles in front and separately molded medium height heels. The regional-style costume and hat are all original and firmly sewn around the body with no hooks or fasteners of any type. The wig jutting out from the black velvet land lace trimmed bonnet is dark blond bobbed human hair……US$ 95. 


 Charming classic Armand Marseille “ Rockabye Baby “ or, “ Open Mouth Dream Baby “ 11” ( 28cm) but the rarer of the two options in that it is a socket head on its uniquely designed five piece composition bent limb body with one open hand and the other a clenched fist. Body has original finish with minimal typical paint wear. The head is incised on back neck socket “ A.M. Germany 351 ./ 2/2K “ and has tiny blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with two small upper teeth, and molded and painted orangey-blond hair with curly forelock at top center. He wears a homemade two piece crocheted costume with buttons down center of upper portion. ……………………………………………………………SOLD.


 Although obviously quite small ( 8”, 20cm long; 6’, 15cm head circumference ) and totally unmarked, still very charming even though we are unsure of exact maker or exact year of manufacture. She is very much a “ Bye-lo “-type but not a true grace Storey Putnam- authorized production. She does have the typical flange neck , but untypical painted eyes, an old muslin covered cloth body with nonfunctioning squeak box in torso, but also nontypical old composition hands. She wears a simple but well-made long baby gown of floral printed cotton. Although we cannot say who made her, she is definitely old and of the period of the original Bye-lo Baby ,-mid 1920s.Makes a nice accessory for a larger doll to hold as well as an unusual doll outright!……………..SOLD.


 Adorable 10” ( 25cm ) baby incised “ P.M. 914 Germany 2/0 “ with blue glass eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth and separate tongue, painted upper and lower lashes, and strung to the original five piece composition bent limb body with mostly original finish ( stringing a bit loose and some minor finger damage on left hand ). She wears a very nice antique auburn mohair bobbed wig and some simple but antique white cotton and lace trimmed baby dress. …………………..US$ 65.