Lovely pair Russian cloth dolls in superb condition with detailed and painted facial features, intricately and realistically – constructed traditional ethnic and regional costumes including the woven shoes and high knee stocking with sewn binding from ankles to knees to hold them in place. The woman has a bead necklace and the man a long wooden instrument sewn to the palm of right hand and a burlap thin string rope with drumstick-like object hanging from around his neck . Both are in excellent and very clean condition. The man stands 15” ( 38cm ) to top of hat while the woman is about 13 ½” ( 34cm ) tall. Approximate age is believed be the earlier half of Twentieth Century……………RESERVED


First period ( circa very early 1890s ) cloth doll for Bucyrus, Ohio, 16” ( 41cm ) tall, in superb condition with all molded and heavily painted features and known to collectors as the “ Presbyterian Rag/Cloth Doll “. A ladies society in that particular town mentioned in that village in Ohio form the local Presbyterian domination there had a “ sewing circle “ of volunteers who pooled their energy and sewing talents to collectively manufacture these dolls to sell to raise funds for charitable functions and events. Although having a few slightly similar qualities to the “ Moravian Dolls “ ( of primarily PA ) , the “ Columbia Rag Dolls “ ( of upper NY ), the “ Maggie Bessie “ dolls ( of NC ) each is unique with perhaps these Ohio-based dolls the hardest to find but do to their sturdiness and overall excellent quality definitely “ on-par “ to compete with the other popular dolls just mentioned. Specifically this doll ( and others like her ) has brown painted eyes and wind-blown wispy painted hair with irregular curls framing the gentle face with a rosy mouth with hint of a reserved smile , a somewhat “ spoon shaped “ rounded head with all facial and hair hand painted so that each one made had a unique character regardless of an overall similarity. Also to be noted are the two parallel seams sewn somewhat diagonally just in front of and behind where the ears would be if not hidden by the painted hair. The body is all cloth with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, but painted leather hands with “ mitten”- hands and individually stitched separate thumbs. The lower legs are covered by black silky fabric simulating long stockings. As shown, there is some stain on upper right thigh and area on torso directly above, otherwise very clean. The period ( if not indeed original ) clothing is an ivory-whiting long cotton dress with high waist, a well- coordinated bonnet that ties under the chin, both pieces of clothing having an eyelet cutout feature as well. A wonderful and rare doll in excellent overall condition with about as pristine a painted finish as could be expected to find on a doll of this age and type!…………………………………….SOLD.


 Two lovely Norwegian dolls by the much renowned maker Ronnaug Pettersen of Oslo, the taller being *’ ( 20cm ) and the smaller 5 ½” ( 14cm ) ,each of which are cloth and wearing all their original clothing, each with stitched cloth facial features and painted giving a veritable three dimensional look with higher degree of detail in their appearance. The larger figure wearing a white wool felt shirt, traditional regional costume comprising bib overalls with yarn suspenders and black felt hat still has his factory hang tag in back of square foil covered cardboard reading “ RONNAUG PETTERSEN Oslo Atelier for: Dukker Leketoi Bast “ . on the back of the tag is a handwritten note but is somewhat faded and difficult to read. The smaller figure of a boy wears an orange and black cap, an orange vest, a white shirt, black knee length trousers , and black felt shoes with brass buckles. He has no identifying markings but came with the larger doll and purchase by original owner at same location and date. Although not absolutely required we would hope they stay together as to this point they have not been separated. SOLD. 


 Sweet 16” ( 41cm ) painted and molded cloth doll by Martha Chase of Pawtucket RI with blond painted three dimensional hair, blue eyes with wispy upper lashes , smiling mouth, three dimensional molded ears with head and torso being one solid unit with sateen covered torso and lower arms and legs with bare feet having sewn joints at elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. Paint is totally original and in very good condition considering age and material with just a bit of paint wear on tip of the nose. The one- piece long white cotton and lace trimmed dress is probably original and at least of the period. He/she also has a cotton undergarment covering the torso and white knit socks that arise to knee level………………US$ 375. 


Charming 20”( 51cm ) brown eyed Martha Chase child with softly painted and modeled facial features with applied ears, original facial and extremity painted with original finish in over all very good patina with minimal age wear other than on a few fingers and a speck of red on the upper lip. The stuffed cloth body is covered with the original sateen-like fabric and the clothing consists of pastel colored pleated silky-cotton knee length dress with some brown feather stitching at waist, shoulders, and on skirt. She has pink cotton underpants with braided lacy trim at knees, white cotton knee-length stockings, and old white canvas shoes (soles missing). Painted yellowy-brown hair has raised “brush mark-like” characteristics and a raised seam starting and ending in back about 1/3rd of the way around back of the head in both directions. A sweet doll and depending upon the clothing could represent a girl, a boy, or a baby…………………….US$ 395.