Exceptionally pretty 19” ( 48cm ) German parian shoulder head doll representing a very young lady/slightly older child with very pale complexion, well molded and painted facial features, very yellowy blond hairstyle with slight part in center at forehead with thick wavy tight curls framing the face and held in place with a black painted and enameled hair band edged with copper luster, molded and painted drop earring again made entirely of copper luster finish, and a single narrow black painted necklace with a copper luster edged cross dangling from it. The body is antique stuffed muslin with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, and well-made long bisque forearms from elbow down with delineated fingers. She is simply but beautifully dressed in an off-the shoulder red wool dress with feather stitching trim, puffy transparent white sleeves with embroidered trim at end of sleeves, antique underwear and socks, and very nice antique black canvas slippers with brass buckles. Glued to the back of the shoulder there is a handwritten note with detailing provenance of original owner and subsequent owner thereafter. Although interesting and stating it was sold originally in 1871 (a possible probability ) it mentions this was a “ French doll “ which by now we all are aware is not the case. ………………………………………………….US$ 1.350. 


Stunning man and woman pair of 14″ ( 35 cm ) papier-mâché shrouded head dolls with    ” milliner’s model ” style bodies, having firm leather torsos and upper legs, with long wooden arms with ” spoon ” hands and molded and painted shoes. Although superb in their own right just as dolls, their original elaborate ethnic costumes really set them apart to make them something special. One might assume by the man’s head covering that they could be either Turkish or perhaps from one of the Balkans countries controlled by the Ottoman Empire during the time of the manufacture of these dolls         ( late 1840’s – early 1850’s ). The man has the remains of a pencil line mustache, the woman a center part hairstyle with thick braids covering both ears and molded into a tight bum in back. The fine lace headgear of the woman also could denote that of a bride wearing her traditional regional dress. Perhaps the highlight of both costumes are the similar sewn on shoes with turned up toes. Regardless of exact origin of region or country, they are truly remarkable, especially as a pair. US$ 2,975. 


Beautiful and extremely rare  20” ( 51cm ) German parian shoulder head doll representing the famous portrait and/or portrayal of  “ Princess Eugenie “- one might say “ Yes, perhaps rare but I have seen her before “. At first glance one might assume this to be true, but upon close examination and comparison this particular model has unique differences in features and proportions. As of the date of this posting of this doll to the site one will notice we have another  “Princess Eugenie “ offered for sale and barely an inch taller overall, if that. As nice as the other one is, she is the one more commonly found and the similarities the differences are as such- although both have blond molded and painted hair with deep comb marks, and blue colored snood covering the hair in back, and a pink and white luster trimmed headband going across the head on top in front and securing the snood, this model has a less elongated face, a slightly younger more defined face, a much deeper shoulder plate, and a short cluster of vertical curls extending below the bottom of the the snood in back, below the neckline onto the top of the shoulders. These differences may seem minor but side by side comparisons compel one to realize that these are two separate renditions of the same image probably manufactured at the same time by two separate doll factories. This doll is on an antique stuffed muslin body with white leather arms with separately stitched fingers ( somewhat frail ). Clothing consisting of an antique white cotton gauze linen dress with pale lavender silk ribbon inserts and fine lace trim, antique white cotton and linen multi-layer underclothing and pink knit socks, and antique black canvas shoes with low heals and buckles, very old, but unlikely quite as old as the doll. A rare and unexpected find- superior in quality and presentation! Although not mandated as a requirement for purchase, it would be wonderful for her to be sold with her slightly more mature-looking sister, and would be an excellent “study example “ for a lecture or doll club meeting, exhibition, or competition ( assuming such a category existed )! US$ 1,350.


Good quality 21” ( 54 cm ) glazed porcelain shoulder head doll, circa 1860, with pleasant slightly smiling expression, very well modeled with center- part hairstyle , tight curls framing the face, and many tight vertical curls surrounding the head in back stopping just at the top of the neckline. She is on an antique muslin stuffed body with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, with brown leather arms with separately stitched fingers ( somewhat worn and with some repairs, especially to the left hand). The green calico dress appears to be of the period of the doll with undergarments and socks made all of antique fabrics. Whatever shoes she once had have long ago gone been lost but the quality of the head and the slight difference in the modeling and expression of the face make her the perfect choice to be seated in a period chair as either another doll and/or a decorative object for a room whose furnishings/accessories are of the same theme/period………………US$ 295. 


Stunning, elegant, and with a regal flair is this 20″ ( 51cm ) parian shoulder head doll known to collectors as ” Princess Eugenie “. The nearly white head has all molded and painted features with blue painted eyes, with black eyeliner on upper lid, tiny lashes on both, a closed mouth with the hint of a smile, blond molded and painted hair with the distinctive hair net snood covering the hair in back with a pink lustre and gold lustre trim headband holding all in place with a large decorated white feather on the left front, also with lustre highlights. She is on an antique all white leather firmly stuffed body with gusset joints at elbows, hips, and knees, and individually stitched fingers . The costume is all antique with a white cotton blouse, a beautiful ” dotted Swiss” white cotton and fine lace skirt, a cream silk top with braid trim at neckline, sleeve openings, and at the base. Undergarments are antique, as are superb antique black leather flat soled shoes.  She also retains a bracelet on left wrist. One could say that this doll is a forerunner to what was to be later known as a ” French Fashion “  and understandably so!……..USS 1,350.