Most unusual and large ( 23’, 58cm ) German papier-mache shoulder head with very rare inset pupilless glass eyes believed to be, and of the style of the highly regarded works of Andreas Voit. She has a late 1840s-very early ‘50s hairstyle with center part and hair then drawn back allowing it to frame the face but then pulled back behind the ears and then flowing downwards to mid shoulder length into eight long vertically arranged curls, regarded to colloquially as “ Spaniel Curls “. She has a small pursed mouth with hint of a smile, arched multistroke eyebrows, and on the back of the shoulder near the neck is a number handwritten in script “ 79.712.1 “, perhaps a catalogue number from a museum where she had been exhibited. She is on an old cloth body, perhaps homemade, that is fully stuffed and made in a true “ lady-like “ realistic style with a narrower waist, fuller hips and thighs, and with sewn joints at elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. The lower arms are made of brown leather with nicely stitched individual fingers. The “ off-the- shoulders “ white cotton dress appears of the period as do the undergarments. As much of the underclothing and stockings are tight on the body we have attempted to show parts of the body to see general condition without creating any unnecessary damage to either body appendages or clothing. The reddish-brown leather shoes have some age but not nearly as much as the doll itself. The overall condition of the doll is very good considering age and type with a speck of added paint to nose tip where it must have been worn as well as a similar size amount on lower bridge of the nose. The overall complexion of the papier-mache painted surface is somewhat pale so may have been lightened slightly over the years by exposure to light. Nonetheless a very rare doll, in much larger than average size and quite striking in appearance ……SOLD.


 Absolutely charming closed mouth shoulder head antique English wax-over -papier-mache “ Slit-head “ child with dark pupilless glass eyes, and real hair curls emanating from an actual vertical slit on the top of the head in lieu of just a center part. She still retains much of the original rouging in the cheeks; the wax covering the entire facial area is uncharacteristically mostly intact with the most noticeable crazing on the upper surface running from neck just right of center, and, another starting back of right shoulder corner diagonally upward about 1 ½”. What little separation present has been professionally reinforced so all-in-all in very good overall condition considering age and materials. This 23” ( 58cm ) doll is mounted to a good quality muslin stuffed body with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees. The leather forearms are attached to the rest of the body at the elbows and feature individually stitched and separated fingers. She wears an ankle-length off-the shoulder white cotton and lace dress, linen undergarments including pantaloons, an antique cotton and lace bonnet that ties under the chin, and exceptionally lovely period oxblood leather slippers with low heels. She has a most endearing wide face and none of the characteristics of some of her more narrower-faced cousins, especially those with excessive crackling of the wax outer surface giving it that somewhat “ witchy “ appearance…………………………US$ 495. 


 23” ( 59cm ) German glazed porcelain shoulder head doll dating early 1850s in a version of the so-called “ Covered Wagon”-type models characterized by having a hairstyle with a slight center-part combed to each side into a series of ten tightly gathered vertical curls entirely covering both ears and descending to bottom of the neck all around. Throughout the hair and particularly the curl arrangements the makers have shown great three -dimensional depth of modeling and obvious “ comb marks “. The head is well decorated with an obvious “ pink tint “, rouged cheeks, both black and red highlight lines above each eye, as well as a three-dimensional indentation separating the upper eyelid. The body is antique stuffed muslin with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, with separately attached leather forearms with separately stitched fingers ( damage to two on right hand ). The period clothing consists of an off-the shoulder dress with top part and attached integral apron made of printed cotton and skirt of an off-white texture cotton with the entire costume’s borders decorated with black braid trim. Undergarments all antique as are long white cotton stockings ( lacking any shoes ).The sleeves adhere very tightly to the cloth arms of upper part of body so not pictured as removing clothing might seriously damage both arms and clothing. Body disrobed from waist down to demonstrate overall general condition. At back top of head there is a very small area that a blacklight shows a bit of extraneous black paint, probably a previous owner “ touched -up “ a tiny area of “ paint wear “ as is so common on these early china head dolls. As such, this beautiful doll is offered at a very reasonable price of only ……………….U$ 495. 


One must observe this doll very closely to appreciate exactly how rare and unusual this early “ wax-over “ , or “ pumpkin-head “ this actually is! She stands 19 ½” ( 49cm ) and is a wax-over-mache’ shoulder head with inset cornflower glass eyes in narrow eye sockets, has a closed mouth with six TINY little painted teeth showing between the lips, pierced-in ears with dangling earrings inserted , pale yellow molded and painted hair drawn back into multiple clusters of curls extending to the neckline leaving the ears exposed, AND, most spectacularly, resting on top of the head, is a molded and painted blue hat perched slightly forward covered in the tiniest and most elaborately applied lace and tread which practically obscures the fact that the hat is actually present and indeed an integral part of the head itself! The body also has a unique construction in that it has painted hard composition lower arms and lower legs with molded and painted upper white stockings and garters as well as black boots with heels ( some slight chipping at ends of toes ). The narrow waist torso and upper legs are old muslin covered and stuffed, and sewn joints at the hips. In addition to the molded-on hat she wears a simple gauze covered dress in “ off-the -shoulder “ manner trimmed in lace at neckline with some silk ribbon bows sewn on front of skirt, a silk ribbon bow as a waist belt, and underneath all two original items of undergarments. As is typical of “ wax-overs”, she has some light craze lines on the outer wax coating but considering her age ( about 1830s ) and type, she remains in a remarkedly wonderful state of condition. An extra added bonus is a red competition award ribbon from the 2005 UFDC National Convention! A “ not to be missed “ gem of a beauty for those appreciating “ true antique dolls “!………………………..US$795. 


 Larger than average ( 14”, 35cm ) bisque shoulder head doll with huge molded high bonnet with molded and painted flowers and tied under the chin with a blue molded ribbon tied into a big bow below the chin. Although marked only with an incised “4” on back of shoulder she s German, circa 1890-1900 and typical of several firms of this era with probability leaning toward Hertwig & Co. As seen she has entirely molded and painted facial features and blond curly hair with great detail to back of bonnet implying to represent a woven fabric. As is typical of dolls of this style and period she has a cloth body with sawdust/horsehair stuffing with bisque forearms and legs with additionally molded and painted white stockings, garter tied ribbons and brown shoes with low heels. There is a slight damage at very top of left back bisque leg where it joins the upper cloth leg. Someone has sewn the undergarments at the knees so that the nickers cannot be lowered below. The cotton-print dress with high lace collar and sleeve trimmings further exemplify the clothing of this era. ………………US$ 235. 


 Exceptionally pretty 19” (49cm ) tall papier-mache shoulder head doll with the much rarer inset pupiless glass eyes with gentle smile and molded and black painted hairstyle commonly referred to by collectors as the “ covered wagon “ with the traditional center part and hair gathered and pulled back just covering the top of the ears into ten shoulder length vertical curls with the entire portrayal of the hair elaborately executed with deep comb marks giving it a realistic three dimensional effect. The body is at first glance “ milliner’s model=like “ in that it has long wooden arms with “ spoon “- hands as well as the traditional long wooden legs with flat pointy feet outlined in yellow painted edges to suggest she is wearing slippers, yet despite this she has a relatively firm stuffed muslin covered body with slightly narrower waist and a sewn joint just above the wooden leg joining to allow a “ slight kick at the hips “. The costume is an early 1850s style “off the shoulder” plaid satin knee length dress with narrow waist, a different plaid silk apron with lace trim and antique white cotton and linen undergarments. Although well done there is some slight old well done paint touchup on left cheek extending to same side of the neck so offered at a very reasonable price of only…………… US$ 875. ( about half that of a similar one in near perfect condition!) 


Beautiful and extremely rare  20” ( 51cm ) German parian shoulder head doll representing the famous portrait and/or portrayal of  “ Princess Eugenie “- one might say “ Yes, perhaps rare but I have seen her before “. At first glance one might assume this to be true, but upon close examination and comparison this particular model has unique differences in features and proportions. As of the date of this posting of this doll to the site one will notice we have another  “Princess Eugenie “ offered for sale and barely an inch taller overall, if that. As nice as the other one is, she is the one more commonly found and the similarities the differences are as such- although both have blond molded and painted hair with deep comb marks, and blue colored snood covering the hair in back, and a pink and white luster trimmed headband going across the head on top in front and securing the snood, this model has a less elongated face, a slightly younger more defined face, a much deeper shoulder plate, and a short cluster of vertical curls extending below the bottom of the the snood in back, below the neckline onto the top of the shoulders. These differences may seem minor but side by side comparisons compel one to realize that these are two separate renditions of the same image probably manufactured at the same time by two separate doll factories. This doll is on an antique stuffed muslin body with white leather arms with separately stitched fingers ( somewhat frail ). Clothing consisting of an antique white cotton gauze linen dress with pale lavender silk ribbon inserts and fine lace trim, antique white cotton and linen multi-layer underclothing and pink knit socks, and antique black canvas shoes with low heals and buckles, very old, but unlikely quite as old as the doll. A rare and unexpected find- superior in quality and presentation! Although not mandated as a requirement for purchase, it would be wonderful for her to be sold with her slightly more mature-looking sister, and would be an excellent “study example “ for a lecture or doll club meeting, exhibition, or competition ( assuming such a category existed )! US$ 1,050.


Stunning, elegant, and with a regal flair is this 20″ ( 51cm ) parian shoulder head doll known to collectors as ” Princess Eugenie “. The nearly white head has all molded and painted features with blue painted eyes, with black eyeliner on upper lid, tiny lashes on both, a closed mouth with the hint of a smile, blond molded and painted hair with the distinctive hair net snood covering the hair in back with a pink lustre and gold lustre trim headband holding all in place with a large decorated white feather on the left front, also with lustre highlights. She is on an antique all white leather firmly stuffed body with gusset joints at elbows, hips, and knees, and individually stitched fingers . The costume is all antique with a white cotton blouse, a beautiful ” dotted Swiss” white cotton and fine lace skirt, a cream silk top with braid trim at neckline, sleeve openings, and at the base. Undergarments are antique, as are superb antique black leather flat soled shoes.  She also retains a bracelet on left wrist. One could say that this doll is a forerunner to what was to be later known as a ” French Fashion “  and understandably so!……..USS 1,050.