Lovely 15 ½” ( 39cm ) bisque socket head French Fashion -type doll is unmarked but typical of, and most probably is, of Jumeau manufacture circa early 1880s. The bisque head swivels on a separate bisque shoulder plate which is mounted on an all -white kid stuffed body with gusset joints at elbows, hips and knees, separately stitched fingers and toes, in relatively clean and firm condition considering age and type, with small patch noted on top of tight forearm but blends in nicely. Fingertips slightly soiled but no protruding wires showing. The costume is a simple period two -piece white cotton and lace waking dress, with antique undergarments and slightly later flat white canvas slippers with leather soles, a multicolored straw hat with plum silk wide ribbons covering what probably is the original dark blond curly mohair wig over cork pate. The blue glass eyes are slightly lighter than cobalt but have that overall hue, the mouth exhibiting a faint but subtle grin, and the ear lobes pierced into the head ( lacks earrings at this time ). A sweet and ever popular model in good overall condition with mostly original and all old wig and clothing. ….US$ 1,900. 


 This 1910-era item represents the best in the dual category of French Dolls and Toys ( Hence ; Societe Francaise de Bebes ET Jouets ) in that it has a rare bisque socket head ( incised: “S.F.B.J. 255 PARIS 6/0 “) and dressed like a clown and underneath the costume there is a bellows in the torso. When manually depressed the arms bang the cymbals together and create a squeaking noise at the same time. The hands are painted composition and the lower legs wood with painted white stockings and red flat painted slipper borders. The closed mouth uniquely modeled smiling head has brown glass sleep eyes, the head actually painted white, then that color fired in, with the red painted clown decorations painted on later. The silk and gold braid clown costume with gauze collar is in superb original condition and is sewn around the rest of the body which underneath is most likely wire armature with cotton padding. The wig of dyed red and green mohair strands is original but a bit frail. Covering the wig is a tri-corned hat matching the costume. This 15 ½” (39cm) doll/toy is sold as shown here in these photos but can also can be found on a more traditional fully jointed French wood and composition jointed body as well. The latter usually sells in the $2500+ range; this even rarer configuration we are offering to you today is being sold at a very modest SOLD


Extrordinary in size, quality, and beauty is this Bru Bebe, 36” ( 91 cm ) with incised mark on back of head “ BRU JNE R 16 “ , and impressed on back torso the number “ 16”. She has huge blue-grey paperweight eyes, well painted lashes and eyebrows, a closed mouth with hint of a space between the lips, a deep dimple in the chin, and realistically modeled ears with pierced earlobes. She is mounted to her original fully articulated French wood and composition body with mostly original patina, wears a white cotton and lace antique dress, all antique undergarments, a magnificent antique brown mohair wig with long “ rattail “ extensions in back, an antique brown velvet and brocade childrens coat, an antique midnight blue velvet hat with dark blue fringe cut feathers, burgundy silk ribbon and big brass button holding all in place. The shoes at first glance appear to be original leather Bru slippers but upon close examination one finds a signature stamp impressed into the soles “Joyce Nicholson “, and although not original attest to their quality and adherence to replicate authenticity. It is rare to find any Bru Bebe this large these days and certainly not one of this overall quality and condition. 

Although we try in most cases to want to sell and ship anywhere in the world we feel in this particular case due to her size, weight, and fragility, we want to limit the sale of this particular doll to locations only within the 48 lower contiguous states of the USA to avoid problems with customs and other such potential third party interferences that can occur when direct shipping and control is taken out of the hands of anybody else other than the seller and the buyer. Thank you for your understanding and patience!!!…………………….SOLD. 


Pretty 27″ ( 69 cm ) closed mouth bebe with red stamp on back of the head ” DEPOSE TETE JUMEAU Bte. S.G.D.G. 12 “, lovely large clear brown paperweight eyes, evenly arched multi stroke eyebrows with nice lashes, smooth peaches and cream complexion, well modeled and painted lips, pierced ear lobes with blue and white bead earrings. The head is attached by a coil spring to the original fully jointed French wood and composition body ( no markings found ) with mostly original finish with only minor spots of paint retouch ( leg stringing slightly loose ). She is elaborately costumed in a two piece heavy midnight blue velvet and black bead trim design, and antique blond mohair wig over cork pate, a spectacular bonnet made of plum velvet and floral embroidered wide ribbons, and nice antique brown leather shoes with cloth rosettes and stamped on the leather soles ” 12 C.C. (within an oval)”. The blue velvet material of the dress is so far it must be viewed in bright light as not to appear black. A classic Bebe in an imposing size. US$ 2,950. 


Rare and dramatic 26″ ( 66 cm ) French bebe incised ” F. R.  12 ” made by Falck and Roussel, one of the least well-known but also one of the most coveted dolls of this period due to both her rarity AND beauty. She has large bulbous blue paperweight eyes, closed slightly smiling mouth with protruding upper lip, tiny lashes and thick multistroke brows, pierced ear lobes, deep dimple in chin, and excellent facial modeling and painting. She is on a fully articulated French wood and composition with mostly original finish, and is beautifully costumed in a one piece midnight blue velvet, cream silk, and lace trimmed dress,  as well as blue velvet embroidered and dangling bead decoration , antique brown leather shoes with silk ribbon rosettes, and a well-coordinated silk, velvet, and feather boa bonnet. The wig is dark brown human hair over an old cork pate.  Although not technically inexpensive she is offered at a much reduced price over what one would normally have to pay due to a well executed professional restoration of two hairlines on the back of the head. It is not readily visible upon routine inspection but only after a strong light is placed inside the head and with no restoration to anywhere on the facial features. With all that to be considered she is being offered at ……. US$ 14,500.