24” ( 61cm ) so-called “ Phonograph Jumeau “ with bisque socket head and stamped in red on back “ DEPOSE TETE JUMEAU 11 “ and some red artist letters, with open mouth and six upper teeth, lovely blue paperweight eyes, pierced earlobes, well-painted lashes and brows, and mounted on the original French fully jointed wood and composition body with mechanism inside the torso to play music on a specially designed disc that plays music. The body is stamped in back “ BEBE JUMEAU Bte S.G.D.G. DEPOSE “ and has a key protruding from back torso with a “ pull-push “ plunger to activate or depress the sound after the mechanism has been adequately wound by the key. Also unique to this model only is painted metal cover to allow the insertion/removal of the disk. The disk included is identified as “ Petit Papa “. She wears her original French honey colored human hair wig over cork pate, antique leather shoes, and knit socks, a remade silk dress out of old fabric with unique cloth panel simulating the original that allows the torso cover to be removed without totally undressing the doll. In addition, she has a rose- pink velvet bonnet with antique cloth flower trim. She does have high on right side of seam line near crown open a short firing separation in the bisque but this is typical of French dolls of this period and is not a damage nor does any hairline emit from it into the head. A very nice and rare doll at a very reasonable price of ……SOLD.


 A very nice 16 ½” ( 42cm ) version of the WWI-era French character doll with molded and painted hair, inset ( original ) blue glass eyes, smiling slightly open mouth with four upper teeth, and mounted on the original French fully articulated wood and composition body with mostly original finish and some typical lifting of some paint primarily on a few fingers and the front of the left lower leg. He wears an antique two-piece cream and light blue suit with an embroidered red anchor on upper front torso to symbolize the popular “ mariner- themed “ clothing worn by children and particularly by boys in the first two decade of the Twentieth Century. The white knit socks are old but probably not quite as old as the doll but the two- tone canvas shoes are indeed of the proper age. The head is incised S.F.B.J 227 Paris 6 “ and is one the the nicest we have seen for awhile in a popular size that is “ not too big nor too small ……..US$ 1,250. 


 Very sweet and in desirable size ( 12”, 31cm ) French Fashion doll with pale unmarked bisque head swiveling upon a separate bisque shoulder plate and mounted to the original clean firm white leather stuffed fashion-style body with gusset joints at elbows and hips with a distinct bend behind the knees and separately stitched fingers. She has lovely blue eyes, pierced-in earlobes, tiny lashes ( a few a little bit thicker than others ,) blond brows, and a closed mouth with hint of a smile. She has the typical look of a Jumeau fashion of the early 1880s but no markings whatsoever. The clothing consists of a period two- piece floral printed cotton dress, all antique white cotton undergarments, knit socks, antique upswept blond human hair wig over cork pate, and a bonnet consisting of just a cloth covered frame with cloth floral embroidery. At the moment of this posting she has no shoes but if we find some and they are not that expensive will be included in this stated price. If later located and have cost us much will update the post accordingly “when and if “ to make any overall change in selling price…………….US$ 1,950. 


Pretty 27″ ( 69 cm ) closed mouth bebe with red stamp on back of the head ” DEPOSE TETE JUMEAU Bte. S.G.D.G. 12 “, lovely large clear brown paperweight eyes, evenly arched multi stroke eyebrows with nice lashes, smooth peaches and cream complexion, well modeled and painted lips, pierced ear lobes with blue and white bead earrings. The head is attached by a coil spring to the original fully jointed French wood and composition body ( no markings found ) with mostly original finish with only minor spots of paint retouch ( leg stringing slightly loose ). She is elaborately costumed in a two piece heavy midnight blue velvet and black bead trim design, and antique blond mohair wig over cork pate, a spectacular bonnet made of plum velvet and floral embroidered wide ribbons, and nice antique brown leather shoes with cloth rosettes and stamped on the leather soles ” 12 C.C. (within an oval)”. The blue velvet material of the dress is so far it must be viewed in bright light as not to appear black. A classic Bebe in an imposing size. RESERVED


Rare and dramatic 26″ ( 66 cm ) French bebe incised ” F. R.  12 ” made by Falck and Roussel, one of the least well-known but also one of the most coveted dolls of this period due to both her rarity AND beauty. She has large bulbous blue paperweight eyes, closed slightly smiling mouth with protruding upper lip, tiny lashes and thick multistroke brows, pierced ear lobes, deep dimple in chin, and excellent facial modeling and painting. She is on a fully articulated French wood and composition with mostly original finish, and is beautifully costumed in a one piece midnight blue velvet, cream silk, and lace trimmed dress,  as well as blue velvet embroidered and dangling bead decoration , antique brown leather shoes with silk ribbon rosettes, and a well-coordinated silk, velvet, and feather boa bonnet. The wig is dark brown human hair over an old cork pate.  Although not technically inexpensive she is offered at a much reduced price over what one would normally have to pay due to a well executed professional restoration of two hairlines on the back of the head. It is not readily visible upon routine inspection but only after a strong light is placed inside the head and with no restoration to anywhere on the facial features. With all that to be considered she is being offered at ……. US$ 14,500.