Classic and extremely beautiful 19” ( 48cm ) Jumeau bebe with bisque head stamped in red “ Depose Tete Jumeau 8 “ ( as well as some red artist’s initials ) with bulbous brown paperweight glass eyes, well painted lashes and multi-stroke arched brows, a softly painted closed mouth with the illusion of a space between the lips, pierced earlobes, and mounted on the original fully jointed French wood and composition body with a rectangular paper sticker on the small of the back torso reading “FRANCE “. The paint finish is perhaps a slightly bit richer in color than usual but original and overall in good condition with a few specks of peeling ( primarily on upper right leg ). She does not have a coil spring attachment at the neck. She is beautifully costumed and a cream horizontally ribbed antique brocade two -piece dress with big bow on back of jacket and beautiful lace overlay on the skirt. Shoes are antique “ Jumeau-style “ leather with ankle straps, socks are antique black knit, and atop her head a stunning bonnet in similar style and fabrics corresponding with rest of costume. Covering the original cork pate she wears a fabulous long dark blond curly mohair wig with bangs. The head has no hairlines or restorations, just a slight firing separation outlining back right ear where it joins the back of the head. A LOVELY DOLL!!! …….. US$ 3.950. 


Superb quality 16” ( 41cm ) bisque socket head on separate bisque shoulder French Poupee with head incised in back “3”. Although not specially marked as such, she can most likely be attributed to Gauthier at the earliest period of production of these so-called “ Lady Fashion Dolls “ .The later ones were usually more heavily painted with deeper colored red lips and more rosy cheek blushing and most always also were incised “ F. G. “ while the very latest ones “ F.G. within a ‘scroll ‘or ‘cartouche’ “ logo. This young lady has very pale bisque, striking pale blue glass inset eyes in almond-shaped eye cutouts , tiny lashes and multistroke brows, a salmon colored painted mouth and moderate blushing of the cheeks. The head and shoulder are mounted to the original firm white kid lady body with narrow waist, gusset joints at elbows, hips, and knees, and outlined fingers. Overall body condition is very good and relatively clean. At some point a previous owner has created some well-constructed “ sewn-on “gloves to the hands ( perhaps to disguise some rusting of the wires underneath the fingers as tends to occur with age ). The wig is antique brown human hair formed into a tight bun in back and covers the original cork pate. The two- piece costume is one that is perfectly created in the style of the mid-1870s and is made of all antique fabrics, most notably using thin pinstripe two toned silk with lace collar , and, matching hat utilizing both white and black laces. Underclothing is all antique white cotton and linen while shoes are newer made velvet slippers in all antique fabrics with thick thread ties. The previous owner made the costume she now wears; the jacket of the dress has been sewn around the torso with no buttons or hooks so we are unable to photograph the upper half of the leather body. A most attractive doll and offered reasonably at ……SOLD.


Adorable little smiling 7” ( 18cm ) boy with stationary blue glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, wearing an all original French regional costume including wide brim hat. He wears the original curly human hair wig, and, is on the original five -piece papier-mache body with molded and painted shoes. The head is fully incised “ S.F.B.J 301 PARIS 5/0 “. It is becoming harder and harder to find truly all original dolls and this boy does not disappoint!……………………………US$ 225. 


Cute pair of 5” ( 12cm ) 1920s era French miniature dolls , incised “ Paris Unis France 71 302 149 “, later productions in the “S.F.B.J.” period, having closed mouth, painted eyes, on original five-piece papier-mache bodies with molded and painted boots. Both are originally costumed in traditional regional garb and could be either brother/sister or a young couple. Some stains on male’s ballooning trousers but both in overall good condition considering at least 100 years old!……………..US$ 165. ( The Pair. )