Before dismissing this happy face girl as “ something I think I have seen before “, please take another look! Yes, this Gebruder Heubach child has some of the same qualities of expression of the popular but not hard to find “ 5636 “ and the mold number incised on the back of her head “ 6971 “ seems familiar as it is only one digit away from the closed mouth pouty number “ 6970 “ ( nice but not so difficult to find ), but the intensity of the joy in this girls wide mouth smiling expression almost brings joy on a day where all else seems gloomy and negative. Take note that unlike the 5636 which has an open smiling mouth, this child has an open/closed one with huge molded tongue as an integral part of the modeling as well as the two teeth on bottom center near the lip. The dimples near both sides of the mouth and (double) chin are impressively executed and wide nose with somewhat flaring nostrils also adding to the “ portrait’-like qualities of a real person. The tiny eye lashes and brows are typical of Gebruder Heubach dolls however one must take note of how narrow and “ squinty “ the eye sockets are realized in their execution to appreciate the uniqueness of this particular mold. The pink tinted bisque head is incised “6971 “ 7 Germany “ and a tiny green stamped illegible number. The huge “ stuck- out “ ears are reminiscent of other Heubachs ( mainly boy dolls models ) afford another added touch of realism to this mold, and, surely the larger- than -average size of the doll lends to its attractiveness. This 19” (48cm ) example is on its original fine quality German wood and composition fully jointed body which has superb original patina in overall very good condition ( one paint chip on one lower leg ). She wears a wonderful antique dark blond/light brown mohair wig with bangs, a very nice pleated purple cotton and silk ribbon trimmed dress, simple old cotton undergarments, and antique brown leather open sandal-type shoes.. A rare opportunity to find “ something “ different “, yet still “ not expensive “ considering her rarity and size!……………………………….SOLD. 


 One of the most popular ( and hardest to locate ) of the all the Kestner toddlers is the 220! This particular example is 12 /2” ( 32cm ) tall and is incised on back of head “ F. made in Germany 10 J.D.K.220 “ and has pale blue glass sleep eyes, tiny painted upper and lower lashes, multistroke blond brows, and an open smiling mouth with two upper teeth. She is on the original fully jointed Kestner wood and composition toddler body with diagonal hip joints, original body finish and wears an antique bobbed brown mohair wig, a silk tunic, knit cotton socks, crocheted shoes with cardboard soles, crocheted underwear, and a printed cotton wide brimmed sun hat. A most appealing child with nice rosy cheeks and overall even coloring and most distinctive and endearing are perhaps the deep dimples in cheeks and chin. A wonderful size ( not too big nor too small ) and in sync with the overall desirability of many of today’s collectors….SOLD.


 Always popular 15” ( 38cm ) Gebruder Heubach character with pre-tinted pink bisque socket head incised “ 5636 31/2 Heubach ( in “fan” logo ) Germany “ with blue glass sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes and multistroke eyebrows, with wide open/closed smiling mouth with molded tongue and two lower teeth with yet a slight opening between the tongue and upper lip, deep dimples in cheeks, and mounted to the original German wood and composition fully jointed body with straight wrists, and with very good and mostly original finish. He wears an antique blond curly mohair wig, black canvas shoes, and a most appealing factory- made costume of beige and red felt wool with elaborately embroidered thread designs, perhaps part of a traditional regional costume or a semi-military outfit (!). If anybody can reference this design/origin we would love to have your input/knowledge. Regardless, it is quite impressive and lends a unique character whether the costume be original or just one “ of the era”. In addition to the clothing the doll has an infectious smile certain to lift ones spirits on a “ rainy day “! …….US$ 1,150. 


 15” ( 38cm ) Kammer and Reinhardt character toddler of exceptional quality with head incised “ K&*R Simon & Halbig 115/A 38 “ with blue glass\s sleep eyes, closed pouty mouth , pale bisque with well contrasted cheek coloring with nice smooth somewhat shiny finish, multi stroke thick eyebrows and tiny upper and lower lashes, and mounted to the original German fully articulated chubby toddler body with excellent original finish and diagonal hip joints. The wig is antique blond mohair with bangs while dress is a silky filmy pink and white print with white gauze collar and pink silk ribbon insertion. Undergarments are simple old white cotton with old brown canvas lace tied shoes. She has an intelligent pensive expression which easily draws on in wondering what is going through her mind. A lovely doll at a reasonable…….SOLD.


 Perhaps the smallest example we remember seeing ( 9 ½”, 23cm ), nevertheless charming in its own unique manner, is this Gebruder Heubach doll incised “ 0 HEUBACH ( {in a square} logo ) 7760 Germany “ , with all molded and painted hair and facial features, expressing the crooked mouth and squinting (painted intaglio ) eyes and is obviously a very slightly different modeling of the same child with an even more extreme contorted expression known as the “ Spinach Baby”. He/she is on the original five piece crude painted carton toddler body with joints at shoulder and hips ( diagonally jointed ) and painted white socks and orangey “ Mary Janes “ with straps over the “ feet”. The clothing is basic ( but possibly original ) white and beige printed gauze with other gauze and lace trim , and also a homemade diaper covering its “ bottom” area. Small but impressive!………………………………………………US$ 1,450.