Very rare and whimsical “ candy container “ item in near pristine all original condition featuring a young girl with German bisque head ( open mouth with teeth, glass inset eyes ) dressed in two-piece burlap-type party costume with matching cap with heavy starched cloth pointy “ bunny ears”, outstretched wooden arms, wooden legs crossed at the knees with painted white stocking and blue slippers, seated on a papier-mache painted scarlet egg that separates horizontally in the middle to accommodate candy or other treat for a festive occasion. Both the edges of top and bottom of egg are trimmed in scalloped white paper. Adding an extra layer of desirability and complexity of design is that in both hands a cloth cord “ rope “ extends upward joining a third similar cord affixed to the center back of the egg and tied into a secure knot with a thin brass ring on top allowing it to be attached for a freestanding suspension, permitting it to both dangle and be ( gingerly ) spun around. A marvelous piece, seldom found and most endearing! ( The hat and wig are firmly glued to the bisque head and as such cannot be removed without being permanently damaged. We observe no damage in this area but as such the head and wig are being sold “ as is “ with no returns if one were to remove either and find anything that cannot be seen now with the naked eye ). The uniqueness and rarity of this item are in its overall presence and construction and should not be denigrated by any minor particular ( and highly unlikely ) “flaw “ ( to a common biasue head ). Size is 7” ( 18cm ) from bottom of egg to top of rabbit ears; 11” ( 28cm ) from base of egg to top of elevating cords when suspended )……..US$ 850. 


Antique French doll clothing consisting of an ensemble of four distinct pieces, each primarily antique cotton and consisting of a pair of simple knickers with stitched thread boarders at knees and a drawstring at waist, a white cotton long sleeve blouse with fine tiny lace collar, a pleated white underskirt with scalloped bottom edge with thread-stitched decorative designs, a salmon ping silk ribbon sewn horizontally around the entire skirt about two inches from the top, and secured by an inserted drawstring around the waist ( most probably with a silk ribbon slightly later than the rest of the costume ). The outer covering layer is an 1880s-1890s original factory made white cotton and gauze chemise , pleated vertically with a typical pink and white cotton and gauze collar with tiny lace overlay and two pink horizontal stripes near the bottom, trimmed in identical material and style to the collar. Along with the clothing is a very nice pair of antique French brown leather shoes with wide toe area, one button straps, and leather pom-poms glued on top ( any possible markings on soles worn away if indeed ever present ). Although not guaranteed to fit anything in particular, for general perspective one might assume it could fit a classic “ Tete Jumeau “ in no smaller than a size 10 but doubtfully any bigger than an eleven. These items are being sold “as- is“ in the sense that sizes are approximate and are not returnable because it did not fit any one particular doll a potential buyer may “ have in mind “…………………….US$ 245.

Size dimensions ( height only ) are : 

  1. a) Knickers, 7” ( 18cm ); 
  2. b) Blouse, 8 ½” ( 21.5 cm ); 
  3. c) Skirt, 9” ( 23cm ); 
  4. d) Chemise, 15 ½” ( 39cm ); 
  5. e) Shoes, 4” ( 10cm ) long, 1 ¾”( 4.5cm ) widest point. 


 5 ½” ( 14cm ) tall American painted bisque doll with gold foil wrist tag reading on one side “ STORYBOOK DOLLS BY Nancy Ann ( in signature script ) , and on the other “ 68 QUAKER MAID “. She is in excellent condition with crisp original costume, an auburn mohair wig, and painted on black shoes. Head and torso are one solid piece and arms and legs, all of similar painted material, are strung separately……………….US$45. 


 Charming little all wooden painted figure of little boy on his rocking horse, circa 1930s, stamped on base “ CZECHOSLOVAKIA “ . In excellent condition with all paint bright and intact, a very nice unusual piece for a doll or room setting!…SOLD 


Adorable and rarely found in this diminutive size ( 4 ½’, 11cm ) is this sweet little Japanese papier-mache and cloth doll in the “ Ichimatsu”-style with one piece head and torso and separately attached arms and legs with bare feet and wearing the original printed cotton cloth with paper underclothes and the original little black wig. US$ 45.


7 ½” ( 19cm ) papier-mache nodding figure featuring a middle aged man with top hat, winking with left glass eye open and the other closed, exposed ears with reddish-brown hair behind and extending to the neck in back. He has his hands inside the trouser pockets with black waist jacket, green pants, and black shoes. The lower half is permanently mounted to a simple round wooden base. A humorous little guy in overall very good condition…………………RESERVED.