Charming 21 ½”( 54cm ) cloth doll with firm “ soldier-like “ positioned body with no articulation with an abundance of character whose likeness can only be determined by the beholder but could be a woodsman, a Russian peasant, an early “ Saint Nick “, or whomever the buyer best determined he may be. He wears a fur hat, high black leather boots trimmed in black heavy ring of fur around the ankles, and additional similar covering on all boot surfaces. The hip length red wool coat is trimmed at neck, sleeves, and borders all around in dark velvet, with a one piece interior brown wool pleated garment with black patent leather belt around waist. The face is stitch sculpted beige canvas with separately applied nose, lightly painted thick eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliners, inset brown bead eyes, and dark blond mohair sewn on hair and matching full beard and mustache. Exposed hands have individually sewn long fingers with separate thumb and dangling from the belt are a cluster of eight brass bells. Clothes are integral to the piece and are sewn on and around. Exact maker unknown so not sure if a “one off” or, was a product from an obscure small cottage industry. Regardless he is extremely well constructed with great thought and care utilized in its unique portrayal!…………………………………..US$ 575.


Rare 14” ( 35cm ) American cloth doll with painted oilcloth covered face and stamped on one foot “ TOPSEY 1910 “. The body has sewn joints at shoulders and hips and the entire outer body covering, including the head other than the face is printed cotton with tiny roses and floral design. The facial features are that of a young black child with slightly smiling open mouth, wispy curls framing the face, ears painted to front sides, and wide brown eyes with white accent dots in center of irises. She wears a simple but old antique white cotton baby dress with silk ribbon inserts that tie in front, and a white cotton undergarment and ship. A very rare early Twentieth Century doll supposedly made by Babyland Rag. ……US$ 450.


14 /2” ( 35cm ) Kathe Kruse “ German Child “ ( or “ Deutsches Kind “ ) with- determined expression, swivel head painted hard pressed cloth head wearing original glued-on blond human hair wig drawn back and held with original ( frail ) and silk bow. The cloth body has sewn joints at the shoulder, and diagonal swivel joints at hips. The one piece printed cotton dress could be original or is at least of the period ( mid-1930s ). Although facial painting is very well done and quite bright, the likelihood of some professional retouch is probable. Nevertheless a sweet doll and priced to reflect any lack of total perfection……RESERVED. 


 16” all cloth so-called “ topsy-turvy “ doll with one face being that of a white child and when turned completely upside down a black child on the other. Each presentation has a painted cloth face,, separate set of arms and complete outer costume , each different in color and material. When completely covered and in upright position each doll appears complete but when reversed the head of one becomes the hidden torso of the other. Condition is overall very good but with slight fading and surface dust on faces, especially the painted features of the black girl. One finds many types of these by commercially made manufacturers, primarily by Bruckner, but this example is either “ mot-her made “ , or perhaps by a small unknown regional company……………US$ 295. 


14″ (35 cm) American cloth girl made circa 1940’s by “Georgene Novelties” representing the (United Feature Syndicate) comic strip character “Nancy” created by Ernie Bushmiller. She has a swivel neck on a cloth torso with sewn joints and shoulder and hips. The one piece arms have attached “mitten-style” hands, and the straight legs have sewn on black and white horizontally stripe ankle socks tops with orange felt covering over the feet to simulate shoes. The dress is made in one piece with white linen arm sleeve and collar, and black felt top and orange short skirt. Nancy’s face is hard pressed cloth with “button” nose, a tight lipped red smile and nostrils highlights, black arched eyebrows, and indented black pupiless eyes. The back yarn wig is sewn on to the head with a yellow silk ribbon bow as part of the wig. An extra feature is the original  cardboard swing tag with all the printed identifying marks and attributions already stated above. In overall good condition with very minor surface dust primarily on the shoes. US$ 275.