Charming 24” ( 62cm ) German wax-over-papier -mache shoulder head doll with glass eyes, molded yellow hair with blue headband in the generic style referred to as the “ Alice”-type that was represented in dolls made in a variety of materials including china, parian, papier-mache and perhaps most desirable the“ Motschmann”- style porcelain dolls. This sweet 1860s era doll has a muslin covered stuffed body with sewn joints at shoulders and hips, composition lower legs, and heavily wax coated composition lower arms in similar manner as the head. In additional to antique undergarments, she wears a dark blue cotton print period dress whose coloring helps accentuate the blue in the molded head band. The glass eyes are not sleeping at this time but most likely did originally. As we have not attempted ( nor will do so ) remove the head, we cannot say definitively whether the eyes have been reset in the stationary position or, if the eyes can indeed still sleep but the head cavity has been stuffed from the bottom up. Regardless she is in relatively good condition for a doll of this age and these materials!…………….US$ 395. 


Very pretty 19” ( 48cm ) German parian shoulder head doll, circa 1870, with curly blond upswept hairstyle with curly banana curls on top of head extending down and back just above the neckline with a long braid encircling the entire neck in back and gathered in front continuing the framing of the face but leaving the ears exposed. The earlobes are pierced with a single faux diamond earring inserted in both ears and into the head. Her facial features are entirely painted with blue eyes, pale complexion and rouged cheeks for contrast. Her shoulder plate from the nape of the neck down are molded to simulate a multidimensional blouse with a pierced hole in center of neckline and another faux jewel inserted to affect the impression of a necklace. The head is mounted to an antique cloth body with brown leather arms and outlined “ fingers “ with brown leather boots and red silk stockings an integral part of the body from knees downward. She wears an antique white cotton print dress with narrow waist, and shawl-like attached top of the same material with antique white cotton undergarments. The modeling of the elaborate coiffure and “ jeweled ” earrings and necklace highlight the complexity that went into making this elaborate and somewhat different mold ……………….US$ 695. 


Very pretty and always popular 1860’s-era German china head girl with nice pink luster tint, broad face with a hint of a smile, all molded and painted facial features with well -defined eyeliner features, and a well modeled hairstyle featuring a definite center part from center of head forward with an array of ten tightly curled vertical clusters covering the ears and gathered in back of head ending at the neckline. There are a few minor color rubs on the hair on two curls in back but overall coloring remains very good. The head is mounted to an antique stuffed muslin body with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, with white leather arms with individually stitched fingers, ( lacking a few on the left but repaired as best as possible considering ). The dress is made of colorful antique plaid cotton with velvet and lace trim and a narrow high waist band, and all antique white cotton and lace underclothing with red crocheted booties. She is 23” ( 58 cm ) tall and offered at a very reasonable…………………SOLD.


Stylish late 1870s German glazed porcelain shoulder head doll with slight pink tint, rosy cheeks, blue painted eyes with black curved eyeliner on upper lid with a similar red curved line above that, a center part hairdo with heavy three dimensional raised curls framing the face and covering the ears entirely with eleven vertical curl formations encircling the back of the head terminating at the center of the neck. As is normal there are a few color rubs on the black hair but few and not distracting. She is on a very old muslin stuffed body with sewn joints at shoulder, hips, and knees, with original “ oversized “ dark leather arms with big individually stitched fingers, in remarkably good condition considering age and material. The ( once ) pink , somewhat faded one piece off the shoulder dress with thread braid trim on bottom edge is of the period. Undergarments are antique white cotton and linen, and the black knit long stockings are also very old. Any shoes she may have once had are no longer present. A true portrayal of a young girl of her time in history!…………………………….US$ 275.


 Extremely nice Simon-Halbig shoulder head doll incised ( very faintly ) on center front shoulder edge “ S 7 H “ and having a intricate coiffure of café-au lait hair pulled tightly back from the forehead behind the ears into shoulder length wavy curls and held in place by a molded and black painted head band. She has pierced-in earlobes with pink drop earrings, molded and painted facial features with that easily recognized S&H slight smile, pale blue eyes, and black upper eyeliner with red parallel curved line above. The body is also original, easily identifiable as Simon Halbig as it is firmly stuffed muslin covered with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, with exquisitely detailed modeling of the long bisque forearms and hands, and also typical S&H chubby parian legs with painted white stockings and black modeled and painted side- button boots with heels. ( There is an old repair on top of right leg but covered by a piece of cloth so not visible). The costume could be all original or at least of the period with a pleated cotton print blouse, well- coordinated cotton skirt with “ Greek Key “ border trim, and antique undergarments. As an extra bonus she has a brass watch on left wrist. A very pretty desirable doll in excellent condition!….US$ 795.


Lovely and desirable 2 ½” tall German all glazed porcelain doll with firmly outstretched arms, molded and painted facial features with black painted hair in the so-called “ covered wagon “ style with short vertical curls framing face, covering ears, and ending in back of head at the mid-neckline This “ Frozen Charlotte “ has been well dressed in a creamy silk and peachy silk lacy dress, frilly cotton and lace underskirts that portray a bustle-like effect without an actual bustle , and sewn- on cotton knickers. There is a break and reglue of the left arm at the shoulder which has been skillfully camouflaged by adding an oversize pink ribbon bow with extended streamed extending downward. We think this is the only damage but because all the clothing has been completely sewn securely around the body of the doll we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty the aforementioned issue at left shoulder is the only negative. As such we are offering this doll “AS IS “ as we have done what we can to describe as best as possible the condition of the doll without totally destroying the beautiful clothing that a previous owner has take so much time and effort to create………RESERVED.