Very nice and quite early ( circa  1840 ) German papier-mache shoulder head doll with molded and painted features with hairstyle likened to “ Queen Victoria “ as this coiffure is that of her portrayed image during her coronation ceremony in 1837. The hair is parted in the center with long curls flowing down her face and wrapped around in back into a tight bun yet leaving the ears totally exposed in the process. As typical in these so-called “ milliners model “-type dolls, the head is mounted on a firm leather narrow waist body with lower wooden arms in “ spoon-like “ shape and long wooden legs with  separately attached wooden pointy feet with painted on ( blue ) colored slippers. The low cut neckline has a cameo pin attached in the center and the silk and velvet one piece dress is antique and even possibly original.  The undergarments are antique white linen. Although the shoulder has a little bit of natural crazing due to age it is in overall good condition and the paint is still somewhat bright with no obvious repainting. A true antique doll with historical real life reference and connotation!….SOLD.



Lovely 24” ( 61 cm ) German glazed porcelain shoulder head young lady from the late 1840s- early 1850s with pink luster tint, molded and painted facial features with blue eyes and separately molded eyelids with black upper eyeliner and parallel red liner above the darker one. Although we have seen this face before on at least one other doll of the same period from the same maker we do not remember ever seeing another with the exact distinctive elaborate hairstyle as this particular model with the hair having a center part but then with soft three dimensional waves that also frame the face and cover most of the ears with only a bit of the lobes exposed but then the long hair is pulled back  into tightly gathered braids wrapping themselves into a tight curly bun pinned with four short tight vertical braids upheld just at the nape of the neck in back. The body is old stuffed muslin with long porcelain arms and well defined fingers with equally nice porcelain legs with molded and painted ankle length boots with brown soles simulating leather. The two piece period gold silk skirt and jacket with cloth buttons is trimmed with antique lace at the neckline and all the undergarments are white cotton, linen, and lace trimmed silk. Although beautiful and unusual in her own right, it is always exciting to find something heretofore not seen previously (or if so, not recollected). ……………………………………SOLD.



Very pretty and always popular 1860’s-era German china head girl with nice pink luster tint, broad face with a hint of a smile, all molded and painted facial features with well -defined eyeliner features, and a well modeled hairstyle featuring a definite center part from center of head forward with an array of ten tightly curled vertical clusters covering the ears and gathered in back of head ending at the neckline. There are a few minor color rubs on the hair on two curls in back but overall coloring remains very good. The head is mounted to an antique stuffed muslin body with sewn joints at shoulders, hips, and knees, with white leather arms with individually stitched fingers, ( lacking a few on the left but repaired as best as possible considering ). The dress is made of colorful antique plaid cotton with velvet and lace trim and a narrow high waist band, and all antique white cotton and lace underclothing with red crocheted booties. She is 23” ( 58 cm ) tall and offered at a very reasonable…………………US$ 595.



Stylish late 1870s German glazed porcelain shoulder head doll with slight pink tint, rosy cheeks, blue painted eyes with black curved eyeliner on upper lid with a similar red curved line above that, a center part hairdo with heavy three dimensional raised curls framing the face and covering the ears entirely with eleven vertical curl formations encircling the back of the head terminating at the center of the neck. As is normal there are a few color rubs on the black hair but few and not distracting. She is on a very old muslin stuffed body with sewn joints at shoulder, hips, and knees, with original “ oversized “ dark leather arms with big individually stitched fingers, in remarkably good condition considering age and material. The ( once ) pink , somewhat faded one piece off the shoulder dress with thread braid trim on bottom edge is of the period. Undergarments are antique white cotton and linen, and the black knit long stockings are also very old. Any shoes she may have once had are no longer present. A true portrayal of a young girl of her time in history!…………………………….US$ 395.