14” ( 35cm ) French mechanical wind-up character doll know both as “ Tata “ and depending on other mode of dressing to others as “ Fifi O’Toole”. This presentation more closely conforms to the prior as the maker, Roullet and Decamp was inspired by the “ Poulbot “ illustrations of French children as “ street urchins “ portraying orphaned kids whose parents were killed in the “ Great War “ of 1914-1918. One can see the relevance to the SFBJ “Poulbot “ bisque head child doll. This figure comes dressed as both a boy and a girl as well as a nursemaid or young mother rocking an infant. This latter rendering has a smiling girl with painted papier-mache head with composition lower arms. When mechanism wound by key in back, she begins to rock the baby back and forth as well as sway from side to side as well as moves slightly backward then forward. The “ baby “ is of similar construction and apparently the rocking motion has lulled her to sleep. A charming figure circa just post -WWI in good condition both physically and mechanically…………………………SOLD 


 Early Twentieth Century German doll of unknown manufacture, with unusual molded and painted swivel head on five-piece stuffed stockinet covered body, jointed at elbows and hips, with “ mitten”-style hands with thumb sewn slightly apart from the other four fingers all stitched together,. She has a center-part yellowish yarn wig with long braids reaching down in back in middle of her back. This is glued to the top of the solid-dome style closed head. The clothing is all original in an unknown regional folklore costume with white linen blouse with lacy ruffled collar, and one-piece skirt and vest with fancy colorful embroidery , linen undergarments and heavy white crocheted stockings. The elaborate hat with red pompoms ties under the chin and is an obvious part of the European Regional costume. It was sold to us originally as an American “ WPA” doll and does exhibit certain characteristics of certain of them but we have since been advised by experts of that category that although indeed impressive, not in that category. A subsequent reaffirmation of that, and indeed revelation of probable origin, is that the head became loose and while reattaching by sewing the interior of the neck socket revealed that the head had been modeled out of old newsprint written in German, identifiable in particular by the observation of the unique German script in forming the “ss” ( double- “s “). Although this discovery does not absolutely confirm that it was made with the borders of the then territory of Germany at that time, it indicates that it was most likely made in a country where the German language was at least the prominent dominate form of communication. A different and indeed well made and desirable doll and not one commonly found in the doll market……………….US$ 395. 


Pair of all carved and painted wood jointed figures by Schoenhut of Philadelphia featuring the famous comic strip characters “ Maggie and Jiggs “. Both are in very good condition with only minor typical wear dressed in all original costumes, Jiggs still with his cigar in mouth ( unfortunately Maggie has lost her rolling pin, much to Jiggs’ relief ). Maggie is 9” ( 23 cm ) tall, Jiggs 7 ½” ( 19cm )…………….SOLD. 


 9 ½ ( 24cm ) tall composition Madame Alexander “ McGuffy Anna “ with original cloth tag sewn to the original dress and identifying her as such as well has having a raised “ Madame Alexander New York “ emblem on back of torso. She has painted facial features, swivel neck and joints at shoulders and hips with all original clothing and mohair wig. Overall condition is very good with one shallow craze mark on lower left cheek , on right mold seam , and in back near the embossed Madame Alexander markings….SOLD ***********************************************************************

1 ½” ( 4cm ) tall, 4 ” ( 10cm ) long velvet bodied glass eyed “ jumping frog “ and stamped on bottom : MADE IN GERMANY SCHUCO PATENT “. The windup key protrudes ( and is permanently affixed ) from the left side. When wound it jumps slightly forward when the legs extended in the forward position but when legs are positioned in back of the body the frog moves forward on belly without any abrupt jump forward. An intriguing little toy and still functions relatively well…SOLD.


Charming and well -constructed all wooden milk wagon and horse with all original paint and in good working order , 21’ ( 53 cm ) long, and 9” ( 23 cm ) tall to top of wagon, and as well as a toy, also advertised the Sheffield Farms Milk Company in New York City, who was a major supplier of milk there in latter part of 19th Century and the first half of the 20th. According to Wikipedia that after the early 1960’s the property formerly housing the Sheffield Farms Company on West 57th Street in New York now is the current location of the CBS Broadcasting facilities there. In addition to just being a toy wagon, it is also a pull toy and when the cord is pulled from the front the horse’s feet move back and front as if walking. Also perhaps a bit unusual is that the horse’s hooves do not actually touch the surface as he is propelled forward. Something a bit different and a great prop for making a display!…….US$ 395.