Two 8” ( 20cm ) cloth and leather Native American dolls/figures with bodies made of firm stuffed clothing covered by a heavier wrapped cloth in “ bandage “-style much like one sees when viewing a mummified Egyptian, with narrow waist, leather covered face and arms, and typical but well-executed beadwork to create facial features as well as their jewelry, clothing trims/adornments, etc. Other than the beads, the clothing is crafted entirely of leather. The long hair braids on the male are made entirely of thick thread and the remaining sparse hair of the female likely human hair. The woman has her arms folded over and clasping her abdominal area whereas the mans’ positioned straight down and away from the torso. These dolls were acquired from a private family along with a Martha Chase doll (circa 1910- 1920 ). As we cannot assess an actual age , place, or possible tribe who may have manufactured them we are selling them “ as is”- not because of any damage or lack of quality but we simply do not want to categorize or speculate when we are sure of nothing other than “ they appear to have at least ‘ some age ‘, and, that they should be recognized and appreciated for the thought and workmanship that went into their making!………………..US$ 65. THE PAIR 


 Wonderfully carved and painted 14” ( 35cm ) fully articulated Swiss Wooden doll with three- dimension carving of hair with deep comb marks/ridges, as well as exhibiting a tightly formed braid tightly affixed and woven into the overall coiffure. The facial painted finish is still in excellent condition and the body has tight and strong articulation at elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. The colorful clothing obviously reflects a particular region within the country, but, we do not have sufficient knowledge of such to pinpoint which one. In excellent condition and a most appealing doll!……………….US$325. 


 Charming horsehide covered toy horse in standing position and mounted to a wooden platform supported by two strategically positioned axels underneath allowing four small tin wheels to be capable to move him both forward and backward. He has carved and painted wooden hooves , leather pointed ears, either wooden or hard leather nose and snout, inset bead eyes, soft fur mane, a long black horsehair tail, nice leather trappings around neck ( slightly worn with tiny bits missing , and a thicker leather belt that still buckles at waist. Overall condition is very good with just a few small moth holes. Separately constructed but an integral part of this “ horse- and -cart “ is a nicely painted open wooden wagon with four sides decorated in traditional milk paint colors of golden yellow, pale pumpkin, with black stenciling on outer panels. There are two long thin wooden “ pencil-like “ connectors extending forward to be able to reach the horse. The two wheels are large with six spokes each and secured on the ends of each axel with a piece of nailed on heavy leather. Sizes are: 10” ( 25cm ) tall from wheels on base to head top of horse’s head , 9” ( 23cm ) long platform front to back; and, 5 ½” ( 14cm ) tall bottom of wheels to top of the open wooden open cart, and 13”( 23cm ) long back of cart to end of connector poles. A very nice piece either all on its own, and/or for use in creating a scene to display dolls, toys, or as a farm/village component………………………US$ 875. 


Charming and well -constructed all wooden milk wagon and horse with all original paint and in good working order , 21’ ( 53 cm ) long, and 9” ( 23 cm ) tall to top of wagon, and as well as a toy, also advertised the Sheffield Farms Milk Company in New York City, who was a major supplier of milk there in latter part of 19th Century and the first half of the 20th. According to Wikipedia that after the early 1960’s the property formerly housing the Sheffield Farms Company on West 57th Street in New York now is the current location of the CBS Broadcasting facilities there. In addition to just being a toy wagon, it is also a pull toy and when the cord is pulled from the front the horse’s feet move back and front as if walking. Also perhaps a bit unusual is that the horse’s hooves do not actually touch the surface as he is propelled forward. Something a bit different and a great prop for making a display!…….US$ 395.


 Most unusual but nonetheless charming 16” ( 41cm ) doll with molded and heavily painted head and face which swivels atop a five piece muslin covered stuffed body with joints at shoulders and diagonal joints at hips ( toddler-style ), and “mitten-type” hands with thread delineators between thumb and other fingers. She wears a black wool and felt costume with wide brim hat tilted forward and tied in back at the neckline extending into a long streamer-like bow. The wig has a part in the center and is drawn back and formed into tight braids secured beneath the hat. Wig is either human hair or perhaps flax. Lightly glued on front of torso is a piece of paper on which is hand written in ink “ Austria Mountains 1945 “ and, below that, another handwritten note “Salzburg Germany “ and another mark which is unreadable and then “girl”. As Salzburg is within Austria and not Germany this is obviously incorrect, but we are just quoting what the notes say. Although not as old, and of a different construction of materials, one can almost see the influence of the 35-40 earlier year period of the famous “ Munich Art- Marion Kaulitz “ character dolls carried on in the rendering of the heavily painted facial features. Exact maker unknown but definitely something a “ little -bit -different “ with a unique yet artful portrayal of a local “ mountain girl”!……..SOLD.