Completely original, in excellent condition, and the perfect example as to show the many possibilities, AND, perhaps what of the designer/manufacturer had in mind when making all the random “ half dolls”, pairs of “ legs “etc. that we collectors find all the time but not sure what to do with and have found out rarely display all that well on their own thus forcing us to be ever creative to find suitable sources for presentation. This 8”( 20cm ) “ lady “ is remarkably stylish and beautiful with long extended delicate arms and hands, each in its own unique position , the left at waist lever, the right elbow bent and hand nearly touching the face. She exudes the aura of a sophisticated lady of the very early 1920s and has the most wonderfully decorated eyes and eyelids. The bare legs, bent at the knees, with molded gold luster shoes and very high heels are also well modeled and have no flaws. The elegant dress is constructed of floral braid trim and metallic gold lace. Now back to opening paragraph- although perfectly and firmly attached with no visible signs of a separation or gap, these are indeed two individual pieces of porcelain ( a traditional “ half doll “ top with flared bottom base, and the “ pair of legs “ usually found on their own, often in a “ box lot”). Although “ half dolls “ are collectible and beautiful in their own right, this exquisite “ lady “ is a reminder that “ half dolls “ were usually made to be an important “ part of something bigger “ and were assembled and utilized in a myriad of ultimate configurations!!…A lovely beautiful Lady!!!!…….US$ 395. 


Whereas one might assume after just a brief glance this wonderful Art Deco era ballet dancer where indeed a porcelain “ figurine “, one of extreme quality and equal to, or perhaps even superior than, the highly collectible “ bathing ladies “, this remarkable and high quality piece is indeed two separately made porcelain pieces- an extremely rare and high quality “ half doll “, AND the bottom half a separately modeled “ pair of legs “ with integral attached flared round flat top, with feet firmly and originally modeled to be permanently affixed to the square but diamond-shaped base. The beautiful ( half doll ) top part has gold hair in 1920-s “ flapper “ fashion , dangling gold earrings, right arm touched back of neck, and left arm touching top of head. The strapless costume at midsection (and totally covering the junction of the two porcelain pieces) is original, made of gold braid thread and ruffled light green silk short skirt also highlighted in gold thread . The ballet slippers on the base are accented with gold luster. There are no markings on the base. Height top to bottom is 8 ½” ( 21cm ). A marvelous lady with all parts “ custom-made “ for this figure alone!! Excellent original condition!! USS$ 395. 


Very nice 1910-1920 era German glazed porcelain overed box featuring a seated fully attired Pierette in reclining position with head tiled to the right and suggestion she might be napping. Her arms are fully gripping the arms of the chair, each in a unique position, the legs crossed with right on top of left and extending out and over the bottom of the container which when fully assembled suggests the bottom of box to be the base of the lounge chair. Except for the three darker gold luster “ spit-curls “ of hair framing her face the only colors utilized throughout are white with all defining highlights and decorations a slightly lighter shade of gold luster. The figure is about 5” ( 13cm ) tall and about 3” ( 8cm ) across the front of chair base bottom, which does not sound as if all that large but is important to remember the lady is seated so in person is much larger than one might expect otherwise. German, circa 1910, in excellent state of condition. Incised on bottom “ 10932 “. Truly a remarkable and decorative item!……..US$ 395. 


An elaborately designed and executed, complicated item is this large porcelain covered box with a kneeling Pierrot with right foot on surface and left leg in kneeling position with leg tucked under in back all the while serenading paying a guitar. He is portrayed in typical Pierrot attire with black cap, large ruffled collar, however the robe is painted a deep orangey-scarlet with black trim and large gold buttons. Although not typical he does have a wispy goatee painted on chin. The base of the box is oval in shape with protruding oval faux-jewel designs and applied floral designs on top of the lid cover on which the Pierrot is positioned. On the bottom of the base it is signed with a large embossed “X” and a blue stamp “ Hertwig & Co. Katzhutte “, 7” ( 18cm ) tall, 6” ( 15cm ) wide across front of base bottom. For full disclosure the top of the guitar has the tip missing but it is still a very hard item to find in any condition. As such he is being offered at a very reasonable price to accommodate the minor distraction…………….US$ 275. 


 Sweet Art Nouveau era and themed German figure of a young lady seated with right arm outstretched, the left arm bent and touching body at neck, with two open containers at each side. She wears a blouse with puffy sleeves a pale green narrow waisted long skirt and molded and painted pink slippers… Underneath there is an incised marking “ 251” and has all the qualities and characteristics of a bisque item made by Hertwig & Company. Height ( seated is 2” and from right to left at base 2 ½” to tips of toes. …………………………………………………..US$ 49. 


 Interesting and rare all bisque figure of a screaming older baby/young boy wearing a nightshirt and resting on hands and emerging from an overturned basket ( or perhaps a beach cabana? ) crying for assistance and frustrated that the tube leading from his blue baby bottle is tangled in the neck of his clothing. He has well defined hair and facial features, costume edged in gold luster, and the wicker design of the basket is most realistically portrayed. Measurements are 4” (10m ) high and wide and 4 ½” ( 11cm ) deep. No markings found and there is a slight mold separation on bottom coming from right outer corner. …..US$ 165. 


 3 ½” ( 9cm ) pair of German bisque figures portraying a late Victorian-period boy and girl leaning over the feeding or water trough of farm animals, the boy with arms separated and the girl with hands together. The costumes are elaborately designed and executed with a purple luster trim outlining the boys’ hat and sleeves as well as girls’ bow and collar. German with black artist numbers/initials under base only, circa 1890s……………………………..US$ 95 PAIR 


Seldom found 9” ( 15cm ) all bisque German figure portraying an older woman wearing bonnet and dressed in an “ Old Mother Hubbard”-type manner walking on a raised base to resemble grass but carrying on her back a man with mustache wearing long brown coat, plaid trousers, white boots, with a big black top hat in right hand. The only markings on bottom are a red “ 89 “ stamp and a few indistinct impressed numbers. The theme subject is anyone’s guess but probably had more identifiable connotation at time of manufacture. ………..US$ 135. 


 3” ( 7.5cm ) tall and 5”( 13cm ) wide left to right bisque figure represents two Cocker Spaniel puppies with open mouths resting in a green wicker object and one with a pink bow and other a blue bow around neck. Incised under base are the numbers “ 9084 C5 “ and a green stamp most likely made by Schaefer Vater of Germany circa 1910. The charm of the pups sells itself and can lend a smile to anyone with a heart!…………..US$ 95. 


3 ½” ( 9cm ) tall Gebruder Heubach figure with well modeled and paint facial features with deep intaglio eyes glancing to the left with white ruffled shirt collar with green bow tie, modeled hair protruding from under the partially molded cap both in back and touching the ears on the sides. The bonnet in back has horizontal ribbed lines allowing for match striking as this “ open- top “ novelty item was often used as a “ night light “ by allowing a short candle to be inserted from within. On the bottom of the half figure are two red stamps, one reading “ MADE IN GERMANY “ and the other the well know Heubach logo “ fan mark “. ………………………………………….US$ 95.


 Charming and rare 6 ½” ( 16cm ) German bisque figure portraying a a young girl sleeping in a tall chair with wicker broom clutched in hand while she naps in the midst of a chore indicated by the presence of a dust pan stored beneath the chair. She wears a mop cap, pink boots , a pale green and white dress with floral design with gold luster edging throughout the entire figure including the chair and dust pan. No markings found but made circa 1890s…………………………………………..US$ 95. 


3” ( 8cm ) all bisque boy sitting on a chamber pot with opening on top of cap and a tiny home between the bottom of the night shirt and pot below. These so-called “ leakers”, “wetters”, or “ pisseurs “ are in their own right a category of collectibles and come n many forms with all sorts if characters ( men, women, and children ) in many positions and in many settings. If one were to pour water into the spout at top of head it would eventually evacuate though the opening hence simulating urination…………US$ 65. 


 3 ½” ( 9cm ) tall seated all bisque black boy in molded clothes and wide brimmed straw hat eating a large slice of watermelon. Although the theme is typical and apparently acceptable to the majority as of the age of production it is nonetheless as well made and artistically rendered design. One will notice at least two irregularities on the edge of the hat brim but these are not damages and meant to infer that the hat is well worn hence not in new condition as would be assumed worn by a country boy of meager means. German, circa 1900, no markings found…………..US$ 95. 


6 ½” ( 16cm ) tall German all bisque boy with molded and painted features as well as full costume and boots. He has the basic hairstyle of a “ Campbell Kid “ although blond. Arms are separately wire-strung. Although lacking any markings most of dolls of this type were known to have been made by Hertwig & Co……US$ 85. 


3 ½” ( 9cm ) German all bisque seated googly baby in “ Kewpie”-like manner with legs outstretched and both palms open, the left arched in back, the right in front, smiling with blue intaglio eyes looking to his right. On bottom is a green stamp similar to that on figures by Gobels. ………………………………………………..US$ 85. 


2 ¾” ( 7cm ) tall all bisque figure of a young boy entering an outhouse but finding it already occupied. On the front of the base is incised “ ONE MOMENT PLEASE “. On the base there is a red circular “ MADE IN GERMANY “ stamp. Although small the details of modeling are indeed outstanding!……………………………………US$ 95.


3 ½” ( 9cm ) German all bisque seated figure of a young boy wearing a diaper/underwear with textured three dimensional designs, right leg crossed over extended left leg and intricate modeling of the hands and extended hands with both index fingers extended and pointed ( even touching ) each other. The figure is deceptively heavier than expected with an unusual slight glaze over the entire figure giving it a somewhat shiny finish. Different is all aspects from the norm but very well made and in good condition………………………………………US$ 85. 


2” ( 5cm ) tall, 3: ( 8cm ) long girl on stomach with arms tucked under supporting her weight with legs extended in back while uplifted. She wears a wide brim bonnet and a pink dress with large white collar and sleeves. German, circa 1900……US$ 48. 


 Lot of two German porcelain “ Pink Pig “ comical figures, and although made in Germany these two were manufactured for the Anglophone market as all descriptions displayed in English. The taller ( 4 ½”, 11cm ) shows a standing pig attempting to enter a “ privy “ that is ironically inscribed on top “ PUBLIC TELEPHONE CALL OFFICE “ but with door partially open the pig can see it is in use , hence the lower inscribed word on bottom “ ENGAGED “.On back of building there is an incised round logo “ MADE IN GERMANY “ and a number “ 2.771.”.The smaller item is a glazed white porcelain chamber pot with handle on one side with seated white pig with gold luster tipped ears inside looking out and written across the front of the pot “Morning Exercise “. As collectors of these items are aware ( and there are many of them ), there are an endless amount of “ pink pigs” to find and were prolific in their production and often made as souvenir items for travelers to bring home as a remembrance of a vacation spot……………………………………PIG ON OUTHOUSE SOLD/ PIG IN CHAMBER POT  $45.