Not THE largest but nevertheless larger than average ( 18”, 46cm long; 14 ½”, 36cm head circumference ) Bye-lo Baby by Grace Storey Putnam patented about 1923 and the flange neck is incised as such at back base at neck ( “copr. Grace Storey Putnam Germany ). She has blue glass sleep eyes, is on the original cloth “ frog-leg “ style body with celluloid hands ( one finger broken but reglued back in place ), and upon very close examination one can still see the faint remnants of the red “ BYE-LO BABY “ stamp although it is quite faded. This 1920 era doll is appropriately dressed in white baby dress and cloth and lace covered bonnet and has white cotton stockings and a homemade cloth diaper………SOLD.  


  Huge, 25” ( 64cm ) tall baby with uncharacteristically humungous head circumference ( 16”, 41cm ) with head incised “ Heubach Koppelsdorf 320 -12 Germany “. This happy, good quality baby has slightly smiling open mouth with separate tongue and two upper teeth, blue glass sleep eyes with multistroke heavy brows, well painted upper and lower lashes with additional original silk uppers as well, mounted to the original good quality German composition baby body with fine original finish. She wears her original bobbed mohair wig and is appropriately dressed in old clothing and bonnet with adorable pink quilted satin and rabbit fur edged baby boots. This lovely package is offered at a very modest price of only…………SOLD.


Remarkably attractive and well modeled 18” long, 14” head circumference flange neck bisque head baby incised “ A.M. Gemany 352 6 , with open smiling mouth and two upper teeth, blue glass sleep eyes, and molded and painted reddish-blond hair with three dimensional design with creases and hair curls giving it a most realistic appearance. The head is sewn to a five piece cloth body with articulation at the shoulders and hips, with head slightly movable, and celluloid hands with no damage. He/she wears an antique embroidered white cotton dress, knit booties, a homemade flannel diaper, a dark cream wool embroidered cape with feather stitching, lace trim, and tied at the neckline by a silk ribbon. Finishing off the clothing is a beautiful antique organdy and lace bonnet. Although slightly different in design this doll bears a striking resemblance to the “Kiddiejoy” baby of the same era………………..US$235. 


Large24” ( 62cm ) bisque head baby by Hertel and Schwab incise “ 151 13” with brown glass sleep eyes, molded and painted wavy hair with big stuck out ears, and open, slightly smiling with two molded upper teeth attached to the upper lip and the top of the tongue modeling forming an attachment to the bottom lip, as well as realistic facial modeling with lots of dimples and crease lines throughout. The tiny upper and lower lashes are well painted as are the multistroke brows. He head is strung to the original five- piece composition baby body with mostly original patina in overall good condition and the clothing consists of a homemade two-piece pale yellow knit sweater suit with matching cap. The head has been stuffed with paper from the neck socket and upwards to allow for easy shipping to help secure the sleep eyes in place…………..SOLD.


 Happy 13” ( 33cm ) doll incised “ P.M. 914 2 “ with brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with two upper teeth and separately molded tongue tip beneath, well painted lashes and “ flyaway “ brows, deep dimple in chin, and mounted to the original five-piece toddler body with diagonal hip joints and straight legs with flat feet. Body paint is original but finish has the typical “ scrubbed “ look but all fingers and toes present. She wears an antique auburn mohair wig with side part and a blue linen dress with old slip, and an organdy bonnet with flowers………….US$ 165. 


 Very appealing smiling baby in most desirable size ( 10”, 25cm ) incised Heubach Koppelsdorf 300 12/0 Germany “ and has an open mouth with two upper teeth, deep dimples in chin, pale blue glass sleep eyes with “ flyaway “ brows, well painted upper and lower lashes with additional thick silk uppers as well, and mounted to the original bent limb baby body with fine original finish. The costume is a bright lemon yellow printed cotton and lace trim short dress, and a well- coordinated wide brimmed hat that ties under the chin……………………………….SOLD.


 16” ( 41cm) long with 12” ( 31cm ) head circumference bisque flange neck baby doll with tiny blue glass sleep eyes, closed mouth with molded and painted hair and incised at back of neck socket “ A.M. “. There may be other markings below but if so are obscured by the cloth of the body although this mold has all the characteristics of the “ 341 ( Dream Baby ) “ mold number. He/she is on the original cloth body with sewn joints at shoulders and hips, and tiny celluloid hands ( but not Bye-lo hands ). The dolls wears a period long baby dress of thin gauzy cotton with lace trim, as well as nice homemade crocheted booties. ….US$ 125. 


 15” ( 38cm ) long, with 11” ( 28cm ) head circumference flange-neck painted bisque version of the “ Rockabye “baby with head incised “ A.M. GERMANY 351 “ with open mouth and two lower teeth, molded and painted hair, blue glass sleep eyes, and sewn at neck to original cloth body with painted composition hands. Overall painted head finish is excellent considering age and method of painting with just a few slight bits of color wear with no actual paint chips or serious blemishes. Wears a long white cotton baby gown, perhaps an “ hand-me down “ from an elder sibling and waiting to “ grow into “ the slightly oversized clothing……………US$ 85. 


 Charming 18” ( 46cm ) bisque socket head baby incised “ P.M. 914 Germany 9 “ having an open mouth with tongue tip molded as an extension of the lower lip, two upper teeth and a smiling expression. The blue glass eyes have reset in a stationary position and with a somewhat side- glancing position with the right eye looking right even more than the other creating a somewhat surprised expression. The five- piece bent limb composition body has mostly original finish with a round screen covered cutout if front center torso and a similar round cutout in left side torso. These were to allow for the positioning of a voice- box within the torso and although a collapsed bellows is still present within does not appear to be functioning now. She wears an antique blond curly wig, a cream-colored gauzy cotton dress with floral trim, a nice crocheted sweater-cape, antique undergarments, and crocheted booties and a gauzy cotton bonnet. A doll with lots of personality!………………….SOLD.