Diminutive 12″ ( 31 cm ) bisque head boy by Simon & Halbig ( made for Dressel ) incised  ” 1498 4 “ with molded and painted hair, inset stationary blue glass eyes, open/closed mouth, with upper and lower painted lashes and multi-stroke brows. He is mounted to a good quality German fully articulated pink wood and composition body with original finish and is dressed in white linen trousers and a cranberry and white crocheted sweater with a ” wintry ” design, as well as antique black leather shoes. The 1498 by S&H is the exact same mold as the much beloved ” 1488 ” although the ” 1488 ” has a cut head with a wig and the ” 1498 ” molded hair mandating that it be represented as a boy. a rare little doll and seldom found in this tiny size. US$ 750.


Tiny ( 9”, 23 cm ) but oh so rarely ( if ever ) found is this charming example of the Gebruder Heubach boy incised “ 8818 Heubach ( in a square logo ) II Germany “ . He has a cut head with an original blond bobbed mohair wig, intaglio painted eyes in the palest of blue and “looking upward “, closed mouth with dimple in chin , big stuck-out ears, with a solemn , almost bewildered expression. He is mounted on a fully articulated German wood and composition body, and is costumed in a two piece pale blue cotton suit with belt at waist and an oversized white cotton and lace trimmed collar in a “ Little Lord Fauntleroy” manner. The shoes are antique black canvas with shoestring ties, and the knee length white stockings well made. He does have the faintest of hairlines on back of head starting at the crown and descending downward to mid -center but is not seen with wig in place and the minor damage is well reflected in the price of this seldom found boy!….US$ 695. 


Excellent quality and appealing size ( 11 ½”, 30 cm ) model of the Kammer and Reinhardt “ Marie “ with head incised “ K&*R 101  30 “, having molded and painted facial features with blue eyes, on the original good quality pink fully jointed body with original finish. She wears the original dark blond mohair wig with center part with two long braids covering ears and extending downward below the shoulder level. She is costumed in a one piece pleated 1910-style cream wool dress with embroidered flowers and green feather stitching trim to simulate stems,  a well- coordinated bonnet, antique underwear and antique brown leather side button boots and pink cotton socks. The facial modeling is exceptional and unlike most painted eyed K&R characters the wig pull level is practically non-existent with barely a few tiny specks of such on back of the head. As collecting trends tend to go back and forth with the wind and tides, these smaller versions of these characters seems to be leaning toward “ smaller is better “ at the moment so here is your time to take advantage if it is your current preference…….. ……SOLD


Beautiful and rare open mouth version of the Kammer and Reinhardt ” Mein Liebling ” incised ” K&*R Simon and Halbig 117 70 “,  27 1/2″ ( 70 cm ) tall, with brown glass sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, multi-stroke lashes, pointy nose, open mouth with four upper porcelain teeth, pouty upper lip, and deep dimple in the chin. She is the original pinkish-yellowy wood and composition fully jointed body with excellent original  finish, and wears a fantastic original mousy blond mohair wig with side bangs with two short braids tied with red silk ribbons, a two piece blue and white sailor dress with red neck tie , antique underwear, antique black knit socks and antique black leather shoes and a nice straw hat with cloth flowers.  This mold is actually quite rare, much more so than the closed mouth 117’s, and is much earlier and has totally different facial modeling than the more common seen ” 117n’s ” that are primarily from the 1920’s, often with flirty eyes on the so-called ” teenage ” or  ” high knee ” bodies. A beautiful mostly original doll the that would be a nice ” comparison companion ” for your closed mouth 117!……. US$ 2,450.