Diminutive 12″ ( 31 cm ) bisque head boy by Simon & Halbig ( made for Dressel ) incised  ” 1498 4 “ with molded and painted hair, inset stationary blue glass eyes, open/closed mouth, with upper and lower painted lashes and multi-stroke brows. He is mounted to a good quality German fully articulated pink wood and composition body with original finish and is dressed in white linen trousers and a cranberry and white crocheted sweater with a ” wintry ” design, as well as antique black leather shoes. The 1498 by S&H is the exact same mold as the much beloved ” 1488 ” although the ” 1488 ” has a cut head with a wig and the ” 1498 ” molded hair mandating that it be represented as a boy. a rare little doll and seldom found in this tiny size. US$ 950.


The largest known size ( 19 1/2″, 50 cm ) of the first in the long and popular series of the Kammer and Reinhardt character dolls and known to collectors as the ” Kaiser baby “. He is incised in back of the head ” K&*R 100 50 “ and has well modeled and painted hair and facial features with blue eyes, and open/closed mouth. The body is the original pink composition five piece bent limb baby body with original finish ( some paint wear and    ” scrubbed ” areas ) in overall good condition. The clothing is antique white cotton and lace with well-coordinated bonnet, underclothes and socks. A classic doll at a a very reasonable US$ 550.


Very nice quality Kestner ” Gibson Girl ” in unusual intermediate size ( 16″, 41 cm ), incised on back of neck ” 172  3 “ , with a one piece bisque head and shoulder with closed mouth, blue glass sleep eyes, long slender ” swan-like” neck and protruding chin, mounted on original and uniquely designed body solely for this model. The body structure is firm leather torso with narrow waist, long bisque forearms with well- defined fingers, with articulation at shoulders and elbows. The white leather-covered legs are also jointed at hips and knees, with stitching on feet to delineate the toes. She wears her original light brown/dark blond mohair upswept traditional wig which covers the original plaster pate ( still intact ). The printed heavy silk costume is of the period ( if indeed not original ) as are her undergarments and nice antique white leather shoes. The ” Gibson Girl ” was idealized by the famous illustrator and graphic artist Charles Dana Gibson and has grown to be recognized as the epitome of the style and fashion of  so-called ” Edwardian Era ” which encompassed primarily the first decade of the Twentieth Century. A very nice doll of quality! In addition, this particular size lends a sense of sweetness and serenely of expression that can often come off as ” snooty ” or arrogant in the largest version of this exact mold number………..US$ SOLD


Lovely 18″ ( 46 cm ) example of the ever popular Kammer and Reinhardt character ” Marie ” with head incised ” K&*R 101  46 “ and having pale blue painted eyes with black upper eyelid liner , short half stroke single eyebrows, and superior facial modeling featuring a closed pouty mouth and deep indentation depressions around the mouth and chin with evenly painted coloring with slight blush to the full cheeks. As is common, she does have some typical wig pulls around the very top of open rim edge and on back of head, but none on the actual forehead and with all fully covered with the wig in place. The pink fully jointed body with original finish is original to the head and other than one finger on the left hand which had been broken and well re-glued where it is joined with the palm, it is in very good condition. The off-white linen and lace dress is period and possibly original as are the two-color black and white leather and canvas shoes. The rich brown antique mohair wig with left center part is also in excellent condition and possibly original and definitely antique. The nice straw hat with silk ribbons and cloth flowers is antique but possibly not quite as old as the doll and her other garments/accessories. A little gem at a very modest price of ….US$ 1,950.