Unusual 12” ( 31cm ) French Fashion-type doll with swivel head on separate shoulder, blue glass eyes, closed slightly smiling mouth , pierced earlobes with unmarked head but shoulder incised on front lower edge “E 0 B”, a recognized signature of the firm Barrois. The body, although showing some typical age wear , is uniquely constructed with one piece long leather arms with separately stitched fingers, ( some damage on left hand with less than professional reconstruction ) and a white leather covered V-shaped torso with multi-colored thread seams, diagonally attached upper legs, with straight seams at knees, a horizontal sewn band between hips and knees, and attached sewn over black leather simulated boots reaching from knees to entirely covering the feet. The pale lavender silk striped 1870s-style two- piece walking suit with two layers of ruffles on the skirt is homemade but in all antique fabric and buttons in a first rate manner and accompanied by a matching bonnet. Someone has made newer cloth bustle which fits under the skirt allowing for the train to raise up as it should. The mohair wig with vertical tight curls is newer than the doll but well made in a most authentic manner. (She is in need of a cork pate and unfortunately we have no extras for this smaller size.). These days it seems “ the smaller the better “ is the current popular mode for many collectors and although this little lady has a few finger issues on one hand she is otherwise in good shape overall and is offered at a very modest price of only ……………SOLD


Very pretty 23” ( 58 cm ) doll incised “ DEP  10 “, a classic example of a late 1890’s collaboration of French-German manufacturing as the heads are believed to having been produced in Germany by Simon & Halbig but specifically for the Fleishmann and Bloedel French firm ( and predecessors in the SFBJ Company ) and sold exclusively as “ French dolls”. She has a slightly smiling open mouth with four upper teeth, wide eye cuts with blue glass sleep eyes, thick lashes and upper and lower painted lashes, as well as pierced earlobes.  The French body is fully jointed wood and composition with good original patina. The wig is full blond bobbed antique blond human hair, the dress dark salmon linen with white cutwork blouse, antique knit stocking and very nice antique white French leather shoes,( lacking one silk ribbon strap on right shoe and the one on left needing reconnection ).  A very pretty doll at a reasonable price of only…….$ 550.


Stunningly impressive in both its beauty and stature is this 29” ( 74cm ) Jules Steiner “ Series C “ bebe with closed mouth, with incised markings “ Ste C 6 “ in back and also a stamp below in red “ s.g.d.g. “ and then another red stamp at both upper sides of the head in script “ Bourgoin “. She has a closed mouth , very full cheeks and the hint of a smile, well defined ears with blushing and pierced earlobes, and desirable mauve shading on upper eyelids with similar coloring on cheeks, and distinctive Steiner patented “ wire-eyed “ mechanism which allows the blue glass eyes to be opened and closed from connected brass wire that protrudes through an opening on the left side of the head. The unique eyes are blue glass eyes set in a separate porcelain casing which is flat in back and actually signed on each “STEINER 6 “. As is typical and indeed necessary these mechanisms require that each side of the head have a rectangular cutout space to accommodate a wooden dowel that goes from one side to another allowing complete functioning and the metal eye opener/closer to be accessible. The head is attached to the original fully jointed Steiner body with straight wrists and short stubby splayed fingers, all with fine original patina. She has been exquisitely costumed in a long blond antique wig with bangs and extensions in back, a very nice antique style dress of cream silk brocade with green lace overlay and fancy pink lace insertions with matching and well -coordinated bonnet, antique white knit socks and all antique undergarments, and antique brown leather shoes, most likely period childrens shoes but of similar age of the doll. The overall condition is excellent would be a welcomed addition to anybody’s collection! RESERVED.