Stunning 24 ½” ( 62cm ) French bisque head bebe with head incised “ B 11 F “, a manufacturing product of Jumeau yet probably commissioned by a specific retailer as a special order for their firm having all the known qualities of Jumeau but yet with a unique and distinctive appearance. Marketed as, and know to collectors as “ Bebe Francais “,she can easily be recognized prior to even searching for markings by her “ heart-shaped” face and “ owl-eyed “ penetrating stare. This example has beautiful bulbous blue paperweight eyes, a closed mouth with a slight separation of the lips, tiny lashes and thick multistroke brows, pierced earlobes with earrings dangling, and mounted to a good quality fully articulated French wood and composition body with original finish in overall good condition but slight typical age wear in spots, mainly at joints at wrists and knees. She wears a wonderful period blond mohair wig with side part and one original silk ribbon bow ( over a newer cork pate ), and sports a beautifully made pale green and cream silk dress with wide horizontal silk ribbon at torso, all of period antique fabrics, most covered with several types of antique lace in different thicknesses and styles, as well as antique white woven socks and period French brown leather shoes impressed on soles “12”. As might be expected, they are the “ teeniest “ bit too long but not so much to be even noticeable or inappropriate. Completing the ensemble is an antique sheer lacy bonnet with antique ribbon streamer cascading from back bottom of chapeau to mid-waist level. One of our favorite “ mid-level-priced “ 1890s era French bebes and, often most greatly underappreciated and underpriced dolls of her type ,so at the following asking price there should be little hesitation in making a decision to purchase if found compelling by a prospective buyer!…………………………….SOLD.


Absolutely stunning 25 ½” ( 65cm ) so-called “ Portrait Jumeau “ French fashion lady of highest quality hence accounting for her overall popularity and recognized appeal and desirability of collectors of these fashionable portrayals of their day. This doll dates from the late 1870s-early 1880s and depending on costuming style and technique embodies the essence of an adolescent to a very young woman. At base of neck in back there is an incised size number which probably is an “8” but because the bottom part of the number is obscured by the should plate it could be a “9”. She has very pale bisque with slightly rouged cheeks with the desired “ mauve shading” on upper lids, delicately outlined and highlighted lips, tiny upper and lower lashes and multistroke brows, separately applied ears, and most outstanding are the large almond shaped eye-cuts containing the most penetrating pale blue deeply “ threaded “ glass eyes so that are so coveted. She has all- the- more childlike characteristics of this fashion that in prior times people would take them off their fashion bodies and mount the heads to eight ball joint composition bodies and declare them “ Portrait Jumeaux “ as if they were “ bebes” as opposed to the “poupees”. Luckily this particular beauty was left intact and “as found “for us to enjoy as was intentioned. She is on her original white kid leather fashion body with gusset joints at elbows, hips, and knees, with separately stitched fingers and toes. As can be seen there are some weaknesses at wrists, elbows, hips, and knees where have been made a few old repairs/reinforcements with some rusting of the interior wires darkening the fingers, especially on right hands. We will show examples of the most obvious areas but remember this doll is at a minimum 140 years old and this material by nature was never intended to last this long in pristine condition. Because the outer leather surface has an overall dryness with conditions all duly- noted we will not totally undress this doll for completely nude photos. In addition, the dress she is wearing is partly sewn around in the chest area so CANNOT totally be taken off without damaging the dress but also because constant dressing and redressing puts an undue strain and burden on both fragile antique clothing and body joints. This dolls comes with two complete costumes- the one you see she wearing which is an ankle length floral print lace trimmed factory dress with all antique undergarments, pink silk bonnet with feathers, the original antique blond mohair wig with bangs over original cork pate, and antique ( and possibly original white leather shoes with buckles and leather soles. Also included is an antique two =piece heavy cotton and linen blue and white striped ensemble with matching hat. It has other parts of the costume that had been once sewn on but have at some time been disassembled and need to be resewn if desired to properly redress the doll in it. Accompanying her for an afternoon stroll is a wooden handled printed floral silk parasol and a pair of coral colored leather gloves. This is marvelously beautiful example and reasonably offered at only…………………………………………………. SOLD.


 Exceptionally elegant early ( 1870s ) 17” (43cm ) bisque French Fashion lady with hard to find flange neck swivel head on separate (and uniquely constructed ) separate bisque shoulder plate, all mounted to a good quality white kid leather body with gusset joints at elbows, hips, and knees, with separately stitched fingers, in overall very good condition considering age and type. The bisque parts are unmarked but with the facial characteristics of round cheeks, stern and tight closed mouth, as well as wide (from side to side) but narrow eye cuts ( top to bottom ) they would lend to the assumption that she is most likely of Barrois manufacture. The bisque is very pale with only slightly blushed cheeks with well painted tiny lashes and multistroke blond brows, pale blue glass inset eyes, and well- defined ears without any piercing to allow earrings. The costume is all antique and consists of a cream satin blouse with high lace trim collar, a polished satin blue-gray skirt, all antique white undergarments and stockings, with lovely old flat black leather shoes as well as an antique cream pill box-type bonnet with cloth flowers over the original pale blond mohair fashion wig which covers the original cork pate. In addition, she has a long white with blue edged knit shawl draping across her shoulders. Behind the left ear there is an old well -done inner reinforcement of a very minor faint hairline or perhaps just a firing flaw. It only shows with a very strong light inserted into the head cavity and is unlikely to “ travel” but is there and because of this the doll is being offered at only about one half or less of what it would be otherwise………………………… SOLD. 


Very pretty 23” ( 58 cm ) doll incised “ DEP  10 “, a classic example of a late 1890’s collaboration of French-German manufacturing as the heads are believed to having been produced in Germany by Simon & Halbig but specifically for the Fleishmann and Bloedel French firm ( and predecessors in the SFBJ Company ) and sold exclusively as “ French dolls”. She has a slightly smiling open mouth with four upper teeth, wide eye cuts with blue glass sleep eyes, thick lashes and upper and lower painted lashes, as well as pierced earlobes.  The French body is fully jointed wood and composition with good original patina. The wig is full blond bobbed antique blond human hair, the dress dark salmon linen with white cutwork blouse, antique knit stocking and very nice antique white French leather shoes,( lacking one silk ribbon strap on right shoe and the one on left needing reconnection ).  A very pretty doll at a reasonable price of only…….SOLD.