In these uncertain times of trends of “ coming -and- going “, one of the more stable categories of popularity seems to be the mid-1850s American rubber shoulder head dolls, the vast majority made by the Goodyear Rubber Company. True, they are not for everyone- in fact it is usually one that you either “ love or hate “ with the love “ side of the equation leaning toward the lovers of old/folkart/primitive items, those who understand the period in which made, under what circumstances, and thus have a capacity to perhaps “ forgive” a little wear, aging, deterioration, and even a small degree of touchup/repair, especially understanding that not do so might result is a total disintegration of the piece and its eventual disposal. As such the rubber doll is the “ poster -child “ of an item within this range of antiques. In its day, they were marketed as essentially “ indestructible” , and indeed if not abused, almost were, at least for a long time. Yet we know “over the long haul” rubber shrinks and dries out creating crazing, cracks, pieces falling out as a result, etc. This remarkable 10” ( 25cm ) example is especially outstanding as she also has the rare and desirable molded and painted garland of colorful flowers intricately woven into her coiffure which has a distinct center part with short vertical rings of curlsthat are drawn back covering both ears and arranged in back to center of neck in gathered clusters with the floral arrangement doubling as a headband. The body is stuffed muslin with “ mitten”-style hands and a tight sewn seam at shoulders and knees. The costume is an “ off-the- shoulder “ antique plaid printed cotton dress with white cotton half slip and pantaloons underneath. As observed, there is a vertical crack/deep craze line starting about center of hair in front and then traveling slightly to the right in back ending in the clump of curls on back right. In the very beginning of this crack at top of head near forehead there is a slight loss or chip in the rubber itself. We have “ black-lighted “ the head and it does not “ fluoresce” (no purple images or spot detected). Please be aware blacklights do not necessarily detect repaint and/repair; what they detect are “ differences “ which may or may not indicate later refurbishes. That said, because of the crazes/cracks described above this doll is being sold “ AS IS “ with final determination as to any repair ( or lack thereof ) to the discretion of the buyer. A super little doll !……………………………SOLD.


15” ( 38cm ) 1870s-‘80s French Papier-Mache shoulder head doll with molded and painted features mounted on the original firm leather covered body with curved arms and legs with slight curves at back of knees and “ mitten-type “ hands with stitched finger delineations. The hair has a black painted skull cap with curls fringes surrounding the forehead and two tiny nail holes where once a wig was probably attached but not mandatory as one finds these with both wigs and painted hair only. These are known in France as “ Pauline”-type dolls and come in many forms with hair, eyes, and mouths executed differently. This one is dressed in a red print linen dress with shall and apron, a “ Red Riding Hood “-type coat and hood and carrying a basket full or wares, obviously a “ street peddler “. In the basket she sells smaller baskets, a doll, lanterns, cards, hats, sewing items and fabrics, and other assorted goods, of various vintages, some period while others somewhat later to a few modern but in “ antique style “….SOLD 


 Exquisite quality all porcelain German doll circa mid– to later Nineteenth Century known to collectors as “ Frozen Charlie “ with pink tint porcelain glaze with slightly darker tint to the head with rouged cheeks, blue eyes, and well modeled cafe-au-lait wavy hair with deep comb marks and spit-curl-type detail framing the face, well defined finger and toe nails as well as the typical outstretched arms with clenched fists, and standing an impressive 15 inches ( 38cm ) tall, one of the largest sizes known and weighing a commensurate amount to the height. He is well dressed in a homemade crocheted Tyrolean boys costume with matching cap attempting to replicate the typical regional costume of the “ lederhosen “ worn by young lads in the mountainous areas of the region. The costume is of one solid piece so cannot be removed without cutting and thereby destroying the clothing but it is loose enough so we have attempted to review the underneath condition of the doll and have found no damage or restoration. That said, if purchased and the buyer wants to remove the costume for ultimate security and subsequently finds any damage or restoration being concealed, rest assured We Will Accept a return As Long AS the issue is reported within 24 hours of receipt AND the buyer emails us a photo proving any possible problem within that time frame. With that in mind please decide with 100% certainty that you like the doll sufficiently barring damage BEFORE destroying the costume as we do not want the clothing ruined and still returning the doll with negative condition issues. ………SOLD. 


 Impressive 30” ( 76cm ) German glazed porcelain shoulder head with deep pink tint and hard to find with the rarer brown painted eyes. She has a center part hairstyle flat in the parted area but hair drawn back into fifteen bunches of short vertical curls that frame the face on both sides of forehead and entire head in back. Although the complexion is pink all over the cheeks are dramatically heavily rouged for contrast. The closed mouth emits the hint of a smile, and, above the eyes there are two moon shaped highlight lines one red, and the other black. The heavy muslin stuffed body has china arms and legs with painted white stockings, and molded black boots and tassels. Although well- made and in excellent condition is presumed to be of a later vintage than the head. She has been beautifully re-costumed in antique fabrics to portray an older teenager or a very young lady. There is very faint hairline in the glaze starting at about right center of the neck and traveling at an angle across the mold line and stopping at back edge of shoulder plate. It is hard to see unless the light catches it at a specific angle but is there and hence described as best as possible. As such this lovely doll is offered at a most reasonable……SOLD 


 Most attractive 24” ( 61cm ) German glazed porcelain shoulder head turned ever so slightly looking right, with pale white complexion and rouged cheeks, blue painted eyes with both red and black highlight lines on upper lids, hair parted in the center with short curls and short vertical curls framing the back of the head and stopping at the neckline. Period of the doll anywhere is from late 1870s to the very early 1880s. The body is heavy old stuffed muslin with white porcelain forearms with four fingers pressed together and the thumb separated (right thumb no longer present). The clothing is period and is a two piece tightly fitted blue wool plaid tight jacket with brass buttons and a skirt with integrated apron front trimmed in lace as an overskirt covering the longer skirt underneath. The undergarments are multilayered and obviously original as well. The shoes are constructed out of velvet and sewn directly to the feet of the cloth body. ………………………………………SOLD.