Attractive early 1930’s Lenci girl from the ” 3000 series “. 17″ ( 43 cm ), dressed in a typical regional costume representing the Brittany area of France. Sewn to her apron is a heart-shaped paper tag reading ” Breton “. She has the typical molded pressed cloth head with painted features with eyes glancing ever-so-slightly to her right, an elaborate blond mohair wig with center part and braided bun in back covered by a crocheted snood-like bonnet with gauze and lace front and a blue silk ribbon tied in top front of the head. The costume consists of a dark brown long-sleeved dress with pleated gauze and silk blouse, a silk shawl with fringed edging and a black silk high apron with embroidered colorful flowers as well as a bead necklace. The shoes are brown felt that match the dress ( one missing a bottom sole ) and all the underwear is original layered linen. The facial painting is still bright and clean although is a slight loss of red paint on the lower lip. The overall condition of the costume is also good but with a few moth holes to the felt on the left sleeve and one small area beneath the black silk apron. US$ 975.


Perhaps very underrated as is so infrequently seen/available is this 17” ( 44cm ) Kathe Kruse “ Doll I “ , circa 1930, with blond mohair wig with center part and two  “ pigtail “-type braids framing the face at both sides and wearing all original clothing consisting of a cream pleated blouse with two metal buttons ,a short cotton floral print dress  and apron, a “ onesie “ undergarment, and original socks and white oilcloth shoes with elastic straps. On the bottom of the right foot are penciled-in numbers and a somewhat illegible purple stamp, and on the left sole a red “ ( Kathe Kruse ) signature “ stamp as well as a number “ 115585 “. Rarely do these dolls come onto the market so do not miss this rare opportunity to add this rare doll to your collection!!…………………………..US$ 3,900


14” ( 35 cm ) Kathe Kruse Deutsche Kind girl stamped on right foot in purple “ made in Germany 10 Mrz. 1961 “ and on sole of left a “ Kathe Kruse “ signature stamp. This little girl has a dark blond human hair wig with center part with long braids covering ears and secured with red ribbon bows. The one- piece dress is a cotton print with fruit and a red short apron tied around her waist. Socks are white cotton and shoes red leather with one strap across ankles. In excellent condition. ……..US$ 695.


14″ ( 35 cm ) American cloth doll made circa 1940s by ” Georgene Novelties” representing the (United Feature Syndicate ) comic strip character ” Nancy ” created by Ernie Bushmiller. She has a swivel neck on a cloth torso with sewn joints at shoulders and hips. The one piece arms have attached ” mitten -style ” hands, and the straight legs have sewn on black and white horizontally striped ankle sock tops with orange felt covering over the feet to simulate shoes. The dress is made in one piece with white linen arm sleeves and collar, and a black felt top and orange short skirt. Nancy’s face is hard pressed cloth with “button nose”, a tight lipped red smile and nostril highlights, black arched eyebrows, and indented black pupilless eyes. The back yarn wig is sewn on to the head with a yellow silk ribbon bow as a part of the wig. An extra feature is the original cardboard swing tag with all the printed identifying marks and attributions already stated above. In overall very good condition with very minor surface dust primarily on the shoes. …………………..US$ 375.